7 Tips for Wearing Metallics during the Day ...

Knowing how to wear metallics during the day will help you make the most of one of this season’s hottest trends. Not just limited to jewellery and accessories, metallics are now making their way into our wardrobes via clothing. While you might be tempted to leave all your glitzy metallic pieces for evening-wear only, know that adding a little bit of metallic glamour to your everyday look is a fun way to liven up your daily outfits. Want to know how to wear metallics this season? Then read on!

1. Make It Matte

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Metallics can be very showy, so make it daytime appropriate in a matte finish. When it comes to how to wear metallics, matte finishes are the safer option, especially when it comes to clothing. Things like metallic leather skirts or metallic trousers are much less in-your-face when they’re in a matte finish.

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