7 Tips on How to Care for Knitted Garments ...


7 Tips on How to Care for Knitted Garments ...
7 Tips on How to Care for Knitted Garments ...

Knowing how to care for knitted garments properly becomes more and more relevant once the temperature drops. It’s more than likely that you’ll don a knit item or two during the fall and winter months, and you’ll want to keep them looking their best. Caring for knitted garments often involves a bit more TLC than the rest of your clothing. Keep your knitted clothing in top condition with the following tips on proper care for knitted garments.

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Read the Label

First things first, read the care label on your knitted garments. The care label will often give specific instructions on how to best care for that particular garment. From washing to drying to ironing – these labels are a godsend when it comes to how to care for knitted garments. If the care label is missing, try looking at the care instructions on a similar item.


Wash Wisely

In most cases it’s perfectly fine to wash your knitted garments. You can usually get away with machine washing synthetic fibres or synthetic blends, but when it comes to 100% wool, definitely do not machine wash the item unless the care label says it’s OK to do so! Most knitted garments are OK to hand wash while the rest are probably best left to the dry cleaner!


Air Dry

When looking at how to care for knitted garments, avoid putting them in the dryer as this is where any potential shrinkage is likely to occur! Unless the care label says it’s OK to tumble dry, always err on the side of caution and air dry your garments instead. Depending on the weather conditions, knitted garments may take anywhere from a day to 48 hours to dry.


Remove Moisture

Before you air dry your garments, remove as much excess moisture as possible by wrapping them in dry towels. Avoid wringing them out as this may break the fibres and cause the garment to lose shape. Then, lay them out on a dry towel or screen to allow moisture to be removed more quickly.


Flatten out

When leaving your knitted garments to dry, it’s best to lay them out flat. You’ll most likely need a large surface that can accommodate your garment. Lay knit sweaters and cardigans out with the arms outstretched. When looking at how to care for knitted garments, this is also the perfect time to reshape any items by patting them out gently.


Clean Regularly

Washing and drying knitted garments can be quite time consuming. When it comes to caring for knitted garments, in most instances a little bit of spot cleaning will suffice. Acting on any stains promptly will help prolong the life of your knit garment. At the end of the season, always thoroughly wash and clean your items before putting them in storage.


Smart Storage

Storing your items correctly can help keep their shape and prolong their lifespan. Always store them flat or folded. Don’t hang them up as this will cause them to stretch out of shape. For long term storage, try storing them in natural fibres or where there’s some air circulation. Plastic storage containers can be OK, as long as the moisture doesn’t build up inside.

Caring for knitted garments properly will ensure that they stay in the best condition possible. These are just a few care tips to consider. What tips do you have when it comes to how to care for knitted garments?

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