10 Tips on How to Buy a Fab plus-Size Swimsuit ...

By Jennifer

10 Tips on How to Buy a Fab plus-Size Swimsuit ...

It’s that time of the year again: time to buy a new swimsuit! If you’re curvy, and the thought gives you nightmares, rather than inspiring happy day dreams, maybe you just need to know how to buy a plus-size swimsuit. I can help! Here are 10 tips on how to buy a plus-size swimsuit, all tried and true. Let’s go, hot mama!

Table of contents:

  1. shop for separates
  2. know your size
  3. know your palette
  4. get some ideas
  5. avoid big prints
  6. accentuate the positive
  7. downplay your less-than-favorite assets
  8. don’t forget the comfort
  9. get the right accessories
  10. take your time

1 Shop for Separates

No one, and I do mean no one, is built the same on top as they are on the bottom, and that’s why shopping for separates is a great idea. If you buy what any given manufacturer says is a size 14, you’re assuming they know what YOUR size 14 is on top and on bottom… and they’re so often wrong! You might be a size 16 on top, and an 18 on bottom… or a size 12 on top and a 10 on bottom! Try on separates, and go for a perfect fit all over.

2 Know Your Size

Did you know that most swimsuits run very, very big? It’s kind of a dumb decision on behalf of the swimsuit industry, since there’s little in this world more depressing than buying a bigger size suitie than you know you wear. If you typically wear a size 14 jeans, look for a size 16 swimsuit to start with, then work from there.

3 Know Your Palette

Like buying any other piece of clothing, it’s important to know which colors look good on you when shopping for a swimsuit. It’s a great idea to be bold with color and print selection, but if a yellow tee makes you look sallow, then you’ll want to avoid buying a yellow swimsuit, too. This isn’t just a tip for how to buy a plus-size swimsuit — it’s a tip for buying a cover-up or beach towel or sun hat, too!

4 Get Some Ideas

Before you start trying on swimsuits, get a good idea of what you’re looking for by doing a little poking around online. Check out your favorite fashion sites, like ModCloth.com, for ideas, but don’t be afraid to try a few new styles once you get to the store.

5 Avoid Big Prints

Big prints (bigger than a fist) will make the person wearing them appear bigger, so avoid them if possible. If you love floral prints, opt for smaller, less obnoxious versions. For the same reason, avoid horizontal stripes altogether. Again, this isn’t just a tip for how to buy a plus-size swimsuit… use these rules when shopping for maxi dresses and swimsuit cover-ups too.

6 Accentuate the Positive

Girl, if you’ve got it, flaunt it! If you have a curvy J-Lo bootie, wear a cheekie suit to show it off. If you’re a busty babe, choose a plus-size swimsuit that shows a little cleavage. Why not?

7 Downplay Your Less-than-favorite Assets

While you’re set on publicizing your valuable assets, feel free to camouflage the ones you’re not so happy with. I love wearing a skirted suitie bottom to hide my hips, and there are loads of options for disguising other less-than-perfect body parts.

8 Don’t Forget the Comfort

No matter how cute that plus-size swimsuit is, it won’t look good if you’re always tugging at it. Make sure you’re choosing a plus-size swimsuit that fits properly and feels comfortable. When you’re trying them on, move around a bit to make sure you won’t be battling wedgies or uncomfortable straps.

9 Get the Right Accessories

If you’ve found a swimsuit that’s cute and comfortable, but you’re reluctant to buy it because it lacks pizzazz, remember you can always add that with the right accessories. Never underestimate the power of the right sandals, beach towel, tote, and sunglasses, for starters… and if you’re still feeling a little underwhelmed, try adding earrings, or a cover-up, or even a bracelet, sun hat, or necklace. So many pretty possibilities for pizzazz!

10 Take Your Time

I have never, ever been able to choose a plus-size swimsuit in one outing. Usually, it takes two, so I’m prepared for that. If you don’t find the right suit or accessories the first time out, be patient! You’ll find the right suit… next time!

See? It’s totally possible to choose a plus-size swimsuit that’s perfect for you… it just takes these tips and little time. Or… maybe you’ve already found the perfect swimsuit this season? If so, which of these tips on how to buy a plus-size swimsuit worked best for you? Or do you have another helpful tip to share? Do tell! We’re only weeks away from suitie season!

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