9 Ways to Add Embellishments to Your Spring Wardrobe ...

We’re currently seeing a trend for all things embellished and there are plenty of ways to add embellishments to your wardrobe this season. Embellishments right now range from studs and jewels to sequins and 3D fabrics. They can be found on anything from luxury designer accessories to cheap chain store buys. Whatever your budget, these are just a few ideas for ways to add embellishments to your spring wardrobes.

1. Embellished Purses

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One of the easiest and quickest ways to add embellishments to your outfit is with accessories. Right now, the embellished purse is a must-have. They’re great for glamming up a daytime outfit but are also a fun addition to your favourite party outfit. There are plenty of ready-made options available in stores, at various price points, or you could make your own version using some gems and craft glue.

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