10 Top Fashion Magazines You Ought to Read ...


10 Top Fashion Magazines You Ought to Read ...
10 Top Fashion Magazines You Ought to Read ...

Top Fashion Magazines can be hard to choose between. With so many great reads out there, how do you know which ones to read? It’s not feasible to spend all your hard earned cash on multiple fashion magazines each month, so narrowing it down to the top fashion magazines can be tough. Some people swear by established publications such as Vogue, while others look to more indie magazines for their fashion fix. In no particular order, here are my picks of a few of the top fashion magazines.

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American Vogue

American Vogue amazon.com

Edited by Anna Wintour, American Vogue is akin to the Bible in the fashion world. While most of the fashion in the magazine is unattainable to the average woman, there’s a sense of escapism about Vogue that compels people to buy it. It transports us from the day to day grind to a fashion daydream thanks to its glossy pages.


The Gentlewoman

The Gentlewoman amazon.com

The Gentlewoman is an intelligent and refreshing read. A fairly new addition to the magazine scene, it aims to deliver the best in journalism and fashion. This magazine profiles a range of inspirational women and features fashion articles served in inventive formats.


French Vogue

French Vogue amazon.com

French Vogue is far more risqué than its American counterpart. While the articles are written in French, the imagery is well worth not being able to read the articles. Alternatively, it could be the perfect excuse to brush up on your French skills.


Harper’s Bazaar US

Harper’s Bazaar US amazon.com

Aimed at a ‘sophisticated’ audience, Harper’s Bazaar delivers a polished pictured of the fashion world. Like most top fashion magazines, the seemingly best of the best are enlisted to produce high quality articles and photographic fashion content.


Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair amazon.com

Not only does this magazine cover fashion related topics, but it also addresses entertainment, business and current affairs. Many famous photographers have shot for the magazine, often causing controversy. It has produced many iconic images like the 1991 cover of a naked and pregnant Demi Moore, for example.


W Magazine

W Magazine amazon.com

This magazine is well known for its coverage of American and European society .W Magazine is used to its fair share of controversy, with many of its fashion editorials and covers causing a stir over the years. This magazine is produced in an oversized format, and its pages contain the latest in high-end fashion.



InStyle amazon.com

As the name suggests, this magazine aims to bring readers the latest in fashion trends. Bringing together both advertorial and fashion content, it delivers approachable and relatable content. It also produces celebrity, beauty, and health content.



Lula amazon.com

Lula magazine has a sweeter, off-beat aesthetic. It is a mixture of fashion, art, music, and a bit of fantasy. Known for its dreamy imagery and content, this magazine also tends to feature a range of indie It-girls and celebrities among its pages.



Russh amazon.com

This Australian magazine is a favourite among the clued in fashion set. Aimed at a more youthful, self-aware audience, this magazine mixes equal parts fashion and popular culture. While it is an Australian magazine, it does have a broader international appeal.



Interview amazon.com

Founded by the iconic pop artist Andy Warhol, this magazine is a must for creative types. Like the name suggests, this magazine features interviews and conversations with fashion, art, and entertainment creatives. There are also plenty of stylised fashion features to boot.

These are only a few of the many wonderful top fashion magazines out there at the moment. Whether you prefer flicking through glossy pages of high-end fashion, or more thoughtful and crafted articles, there’s no denying that magazines are the perfect form of escapism. What are your top fashion magazines?

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