9 Top on-Trend Tartan Buys for Your Fall Wardrobe ...

Stay on top of trends this fall by adding some on trend tartan buys to your wardrobe. While tartan (aka plaid) can give off a heritage vibe, the key to making it work this season is to give it a more contemporary twist. Tartan this fall is less posh and more punk. Look out for unexpected ways to add tartan to your wardrobe and team your tartan pieces with sleek and edgy accessories. Take a look at these on trend tartan buys that you could add to your fall wardrobe.

1. Tartan Dress

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Make a statement in a tartan dress this fall. When it comes to on trend tartan buys like dresses, there are many different angles you could work. A retro inspired dress would be great for working a polished look, but a dress with a relaxed cut is perfect for working a more contemporary look. This tartan dress by Preen Line is very pricey at $555 but you can find more budget friendly buys at stores like ASOS and Forever 21.

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