7 Adorable Scarves to Keep You Warm during This Chilly Winter ...


7 Adorable Scarves to Keep You Warm during This Chilly Winter ...
7 Adorable Scarves to Keep You Warm during This Chilly Winter ...

While the temperature drops, you will need tons of adorable scarves to keep you warm in the chilly winter. Winter is all about layering and scarves are the perfect accessories to be functional and fashionable. You can either have a bold “look-at-me” scarf or something understated that blends into your winter wardrobe. Here are a variety of cute and cozy scarves to keep you warm this winter.

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White Infinity

White Infinity Nothing epitomizes the perfect scarves to keep you warm all winter long than a white infinity scarf. It is cozy enough to keep you warm but oh-so adorable. The white coloring is perfect to pair with any outfit without attracting too much attention. This is a necessity for any snow bunny. And it is simple enough to find at most stores, like ASOS and Forever 21.



Checkered Nothing screams cold weather like cuddling up in checkered print scarf. This scarf is absolutely adorable and gives off a ski lodge kind of vibe. Its pattern is perfect to pair with a white vest, dark jeans, and riding boots. The fringe is just an added touch of cute.


Faux Fur Trim

Faux Fur Trim What could be comfier in the cold winter than a scarf with faux fur covering it? Make it oversized and I am sold. The perfect thing about this scarf is that the faux fur is incredibly comfy, but it is not overwhelming. There is only a small accent of fur to make a subtle yet cozy statement. Pair this with a simple shirt and some leggings and have the scarf be the statement piece of your outfit.


Quirky with Penguins

Quirky with Penguins Want something quirkier and more outgoing? Why not try this penguin scarf from ASOS? You will feel like a penguin as you dash through the snow, and you can wear one around your neck. Plus it will feel like a soft fuzzy penguin is hugging you all day, and who wouldn’t want that?


Dip Dyed

Dip Dyed Stand out against the white snow of winter with this adorable dip dyed scarf from Piperlime. Its warm colors are reminiscent of fall but will keep you cozy all winter long. And the blend of colors makes it look like a DIY. This scarf would look adorable with neutral colors like black or brown


Black & White

Black & White If you want a subtler scarf to keep your warm all winter long, this black and white scarf is perfect for you. It will fit all of your cozy winter needs but it is simple enough to pair with any outfit. You are bound to look chic and perfectly put together with this wintertime accessory.


Ombre Infinity

Ombre Infinity You don’t need to put away all of your ombre accessories even though it is winter. Embrace the trend with this ombre infinity scarf. It has lighter colors so it won’t overpower your outfit. Add this scarf over a comfy flannel and some leggings for a no fail lazy day outfit. And it will only set you back $22.

While your style may vary, we can all agree that these scarves are adorable. What did you think of these scarves to keep you warm all winter long? Which one is your favorite? What is your favorite winter accessory to keep you warm and cozy?

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I hate 4 it looks like he's being hung

I think it would've helped on all the different way to put them together

4 is cute but I wouldn't wear it all the rest I would!

Love them all

1, 2, 3, & 6 for me.

From What stores are scarves 3 and 7?

Sorry but some of them were so ugly..

Sorry where do I get the last scarf? The ombré infinity scarf? It looks so cute! ^^

Where can we purchase the faux fur trim scarf? Amazing!!

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