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7 Top Reasons to Create a Custom T-Shirt ...

By Idakoos

Who doesn't love t-shirts! They can be dressed up or dressed down and go with practically anything, and as far as we're concerned, they're the best go-to item of clothing that a girl can own. What's even more fun than a regular t-shirt? A customized tee! Guest contributor Idakoos shares her fun reasons on why custom t-shirts rock!

Social norms - and the law - require that we wear clothing, but what we choose from our closets says so much about us. For many, t-shirts are a fashion essential. They have become one of the most versatile items of clothing in the modern era, and the Internet and technological advancements have made virtually any design possible. We are no longer limited to a basic black, white or solid color tee; the only limitation is our own imagination. Although customized t-shirts offer endless possibilities, there are 7 top reasons to create and buy personalized t-shirts online.

1 Creative Expression

Fashion choices are a natural, external display of our passions, interests and unique personalities, and a comfortable t-shirt can say much to the world. Wear your love of animals or the words of your favorite poet, or pay homage to your favorite band. Whether you sport a quirky quotation, a humorous graphic, or a message about social activism, personalizing a t-shirt lets the unique you shine through.

2 Gift Giving

Custom t-shirts are a thoughtful gift. Add a picture of the newest grandbaby - or the whole lot of grandchildren - to a sweatshirt or tee for the grandparents, allowing them to show off their pride and joy to anyone and everyone. Online companies like can also personalize items such as hoodies, aprons, mugs, canvas totes and baby body suits. These gifts are sure to impress any family member or friend who may be difficult to buy for.

3 Special Announcements

A custom t-shirt is a fun and interesting way to announce the special events in your life. Customize a t-shirt for a soon-to-be older sibling to announce a pregnancy or personalize a bride-to-be and groom-to-be for a «Save the Date» photo shoot. After the special event is finished, a custom t-shirt becomes a lasting memento.

4 Family Reunions

At large family reunions, customized t-shirts can show membership to a particular branch of the family or show solidarity with the family crest. Each person’s name can be added to their shirt as a way to get to know each other. For families adventuring to an amusement park or fair, custom t-shirts with the same design and in the same bright color can help family members find each other in a crowd.

5 Teams

Designing a team t-shirt fosters team spirit and a sense of belonging. Members feel a sense of pride and unity, and an eye-catching, well-created t-shirt can help recruit new members to your team. Seek out online companies that offer a wide-range of graphics as well as a variety of kinds of shirts, such as sports-jersey tees or fitted feminine cuts, to make your team’s shirt truly unique.

6 Causes and Events

Customized t-shirts can declare a good cause or celebrate a special event for your cause, such as a 5K for breast-cancer awareness or a food drive for the local homeless shelter. Creating well-designed and attractive cause-related t-shirts is an excellent fundraiser, raising awareness for your cause while generating money towards it. In order to make the most of your fundraising efforts, be sure to shop around for the best deal for your dollar.

7 Advertising

T-shirts with your business brand or logo are easy, wearable advertising. Include your web address, Facebook information or your Twitter hash tag, and invite every passerby to investigate your online presence. Everyone you meet on the street is now a potential customer.

Whether you customize a t-shirt for your business, cause or team, personalize a gift or create a one-of-a-kind tee to show the world your wacky side, custom-made t-shirts are a fashionable, comfy and inexpensive way to draw attention.

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