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7 Wonderful Reasons to Love Wearing Second-Hand Clothes ...

By Alison

I've always been a fan of buying second-hand clothes. It's a great way to revamp your wardrobe without spending a fortune. Some people wouldn't dream of wearing clothes that have been worn by someone else. They're missing out on bargains galore! Here are some wonderful reasons to love wearing second-hand clothes …

1 Unique Look

For me, the best thing about buying second-hand clothes is that you get a fabulously unique outfit. Who wants to wear exactly what everyone else is wearing? It's so embarrassing seeing someone who's wearing the same outfit as you. Buying second-hand makes this very unlikely, as most of what you buy is a one-off.

2 Green

The clothing industry is a pretty wasteful one, when you take into account the environmental cost of the manufacturing process and the amount of clothing that is quickly discarded. The beauty of buying second-hand clothing is that you are helping to rescue clothes from ending up in landfill. It's far more green than buying something that you will throw away after only one season.


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3 Bargains

I've completely revamped my wardrobe in the last few months, and have probably spent well under $100. How did I do it? Shopped at flea markets and clothes exchanges. Thrift stores, Ebay and flea markets have many bargains. If you're prepared to search, you can buy a whole new wardrobe for the price of one or two new garments. And why not organise a clothes exchange, and swap your unwanted items?

4 Discovery

Traipsing round a store that has several of the same item in several different sizes really isn't that interesting. Buying second-hand clothing, on the other hand, is more of an adventure. While you might not find anything that you like, equally you could turn up a fabulous dress or coat, or the perfect accessory. Everything is a one-off and you never know what you'll find.

5 Step up

Do you love designer clothing, but can't afford the hefty price tags? Then shop second-hand in resale stores or on Ebay. If you don't have an unlimited budget, buying second hand allows you to purchase better brands than you could otherwise afford. I picked up a designer skirt for around $40 including shipping - even in a resale shop I could not have afforded that label.

6 Good Causes

Many charities sell donated clothing to raise funds, so by shopping there you can bag yourself some great bargains and support good causes at the same time. Don't forget to drop off your unwanted clothing at the same time. It's worth checking out your local Goodwill and similar stores frequently, as new stock is coming in all the time.

7 Better Made

Vintage clothing - which is usually second-hand, after all - is often much better made than modern clothing. Most high street fashion isn't going to be around in five years, let alone twenty or fifty. So if you prefer good quality clothes, look in vintage stores for sturdy pieces that you'll get plenty of wear from.

If you've always been averse to buying second-hand clothes, it's time to have a rethink. Everything's second hand once it's been worn - even if it's only been worn once. Besides, you probably wouldn't think twice about buying vintage clothing. Buying second-hand clothing is good for your pocket, the environment, and for charitable causes. Are you the queen of second-hand shopping, or would you never wear a garment somebody else had worn?

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