9 Trendy Pale Dresses to Own ...

Pale dresses just scream spring dressing. This season, thereโ€™s a wealth of pretty pale dresses for you to choose from. The most delightful dresses for spring revolve around a pastel colour palette. When choosing a pale dress, you can easily take your own personal style into account. If your style is feminine then you could go for a dress thatโ€™s a bit more froufrou. If youโ€™re a bit edgier and prefer minimalism, opt for a tank or column style dress in a pale hue. Take a look at some pretty pale dresses below.

1. Topshop Chevron Metallic Tunic

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Price: $60.00 at us.topshop.com
This pale blue dress features a stunning chevron pattern. The fabric also has silver metallic accents which add a bit of shimmer to the overall look. This pale dress would look delightful paired with some patent nude sandals a funky clutch.

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