10 Trendy Ways to Wear Belts ...


How to Wear Belts isn't something most women think about when putting together an outfit. However, since a trendy belt is the accessory du jour, it pays to learn how to wear belts not just properly, but prettily. I know what you're thinking: it just goes around your waist, right? Nuh uh. That's not the case at all. On the contrary, by changing things up, you can breathe new life into any ensemble. So if you've ever wanted to learn how to wear belts a little differently, read on!

1. With a Dress

The best piece of advice on how to wear belts right now is to wear it with a dress – any dress. Retro 1950s dresses look great with belts. In fact, any kind of fitted dress looks stunning with this simple little accessory. Some look better with thin belts, some look better with thick ones; it all depends on what you like best.

Over a Sweater
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