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44 Tribal Print Pieces to Add Passion to Your Fashion ...

By Neecey

There are few things that are guaranteed in fashion, but one thing that you can rely on is the timelessness of tribal print. Inspired by hot and earthy colors of the peoples of Africa, South America and Asia - more from nature than manmade dyes - tribal print is a massive kaleidoscope of patterns and colors. With items from top to toe, there's surely a place for some tribal print fashion in your closet.

Table of contents:

  1. Elephant aztec-unisex black tank
  2. Pink aztec elephant-unisex white/neon heather pink t-shirt
  3. Giraffe-unisex white/red t-shirt
  4. Mod lightweight tribal cardigan aztec pink
  5. Tribal print leggings - black combo
  6. Aztec waterfall cardigan burgundy
  7. Tribal print hooded duster cardigan - black combo
  8. Nordic dreams aztec sequin dress, sand
  9. Long sleeve tribal print top - black combo
  10. Tribal print jogger pants - black combo
  11. Stretchy tribal print bike shorts - burgundy cmb
  12. La hearts tribal sweater skater skirt - red
  13. Full tilt tribal gradient womens tank
  14. Embroidered mesh & tribal print high-low top
  15. Sash-belted tribal print high-waisted shorts - black combo
  16. Look to the sky top
  17. Sunset peach maxi dress
  18. Aztec print leggings mint - one size / mint
  19. Striped tribal print marled cardigan - lt gray combo
  20. Tribal print bodycon mini skirt - turquoise combo
  21. Geo-tribal print bodycon mini skirt - blue combo
  22. Only time will tell cardi
  23. Lace trim tribal print panties
  24. Mock neck tribal print skater dress - black combo
  25. Tribal-belted crochet skater dress
  26. Tribal print knit flare pants - black combo
  27. Cotton tribal printed leggings - navy combo
  28. La hearts tribal cardigan - womens sweater - grey
  29. La hearts two toned tribal cardigan
  30. River island blue tribal animal print crop top
  31. Tribal crochet open back long maxi dress - black
  32. La hearts swing tribal cami - womens shirts - blue
  33. Tribal print strapless maxi dress - navy combo
  34. Tribal stripe boy shorts pink combo
  35. Tribal print oversize draped romper
  36. Tribal crochet strapped dress - black/white /
  37. Tribal print high-low tunic tee - peach combo
  38. Tribal slash crop sweater
  39. Xemplery evening aztec sequin dress
  40. Tribal print halter maxi dress
  41. Tribal printed skort
  42. Royal tribal shorts
  43. Vintage havana tribal hi-lo tank
  44. Netted tribal lacetunic dress

1 Elephant Aztec-Unisex Black Tank

Price: $27.99

2 Pink Aztec Elephant-Unisex White/Neon Heather Pink T-Shirt

Price: $30.99

3 Giraffe-Unisex White/Red T-Shirt

Price: $30.99

4 Mod Lightweight Tribal Cardigan Aztec Pink

Price: $54.00

5 Tribal Print Leggings - Black Combo

Charlotte Russe
Price: $12.99

6 Aztec Waterfall Cardigan Burgundy

Price: $48.00

7 Tribal Print Hooded Duster Cardigan - Black Combo

Charlotte Russe
Price: $17.50

8 Nordic Dreams Aztec Sequin Dress, Sand

Price: $48.00

9 Long Sleeve Tribal Print Top - Black Combo

Charlotte Russe
Price: $20.99

10 Tribal Print Jogger Pants - Black Combo

Charlotte Russe
Price: $15.99

11 Stretchy Tribal Print Bike Shorts - Burgundy Cmb

Charlotte Russe
Price: $9.99

12 LA Hearts Tribal Sweater Skater Skirt - Red

Price: $8.99

13 Full Tilt Tribal Gradient Womens Tank

Price: $7.97

14 Embroidered Mesh & Tribal Print High-Low Top

Charlotte Russe
Price: $20.99

15 Sash-Belted Tribal Print High-Waisted Shorts - Black Combo

Charlotte Russe
Price: $19.99

16 Look to the Sky Top

UOI Boutique
Price: $37.50

17 Sunset Peach Maxi Dress

Price: $48.00

18 Aztec Print Leggings Mint - ONE SIZE / Mint

Price: $18.00

19 Striped Tribal Print Marled Cardigan - Lt Gray Combo

Charlotte Russe
Price: $29.99

20 Tribal Print Bodycon Mini Skirt - Turquoise Combo

Charlotte Russe
Price: $10.99

21 Geo-Tribal Print Bodycon Mini Skirt - Blue Combo

Charlotte Russe
Price: $4.40

22 Only Time Will Tell Cardi

UOI Boutique
Price: $44.00

23 Lace Trim Tribal Print Panties

Charlotte Russe
Price: $3.50

24 Mock Neck Tribal Print Skater Dress - Black Combo

Charlotte Russe
Price: $13.20

25 Tribal-Belted Crochet Skater Dress

Charlotte Russe
Price: $28.99

26 Tribal Print Knit Flare Pants - Black Combo

Charlotte Russe
Price: $24.99

27 Cotton Tribal Printed Leggings - Navy Combo

Charlotte Russe
Price: $5.20

28 LA Hearts Tribal Cardigan - Womens Sweater - Grey

Price: $14.99

29 LA Hearts Two Toned Tribal Cardigan

Price: $44.95

30 River Island Blue Tribal Animal Print Crop Top

River Island Clothing
Price: $20.00

31 Tribal Crochet Open Back Long Maxi Dress - Black

Price: $48.00

32 LA Hearts Swing Tribal Cami - Womens Shirts - Blue

Price: $22.95

33 Tribal Print Strapless Maxi Dress - Navy Combo

Charlotte Russe
Price: $26.99

34 Tribal Stripe Boy Shorts Pink Combo

Price: $4.99


Price: $34.00

36 Tribal Crochet Strapped Dress - Black/White /

Price: $29.00

37 Tribal Print High-Low Tunic Tee - Peach Combo

Charlotte Russe
Price: $13.99

38 Tribal Slash Crop Sweater

Price: $29.90

39 Xemplery Evening Aztec Sequin Dress

Cheeky Clothing Gifts Intimates
Price: $35.00

40 Tribal Print Halter Maxi Dress

Saylor Clothing
Price: $39.50

41 Tribal Printed Skort

Colors of Aurora
Price: $26.00

42 Royal Tribal Shorts

Sassy Shortcake Boutique
Price: $52.00

43 Vintage Havana Tribal Hi-Lo Tank

Designs By Stephene
Price: $49.00

44 Netted Tribal LaceTunic Dress
Price: $40.00

Are you going tribal this year? If a full item of clothing in tribal print is not to your taste, maybe you'd prefer some tribal print accessories. Check some out here vityle.

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