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By Teresa

Whether you're starting a new job or preparing for an interview, these looks will give you all of the style inspiration you need! Even if you're challenged in the fashion department, these looks will turn you into a fashionista in no time at all!

1 Classic Button-down and Cardigan

Classic Button-down and Cardigan Via Hello, Gorgeous!
Although this is a classic look, it looks so updated and fun here!

2 Green and Floral

Green and Floral Via 15 Fall Outfit Ideas With ...
The green pants paired with the cream sweater and floral cardigan are my new obsession!

3 A Simple Dress

A Simple Dress Via From city glam to country ...
This seems like such a simple business dress, but I love the color because I can't really put my finger on what color it is.

4 A Playful Pencil Skirt

A Playful Pencil Skirt Via 14 Summertime Outfits to Wear ...
Pencil skirts are a workplace staple, but with patterns like this, you'll love your work uniform!

5 Button-down and a Pencil Skirt

Button-down and a Pencil Skirt Via Hello, Gorgeous!: June 2013
This outfit is made up of regular workplace staples, however, with a deep purple shirt and a white skirt, it looks like it's a completely unique look!

6 Yellow and Pink

Yellow and Pink Via Ladylike Laws: Interview Etiquette
The yellow sweater with a pink button-down complement each other so well, it makes me want to go on a springtime interview!

7 A Shirtdress

A Shirtdress Via Stylish Eve Outfits: Stylish Work ...
Dresses are a fun way to switch things up in the workplace, and a shirtdress is a way to keep things sophisticated at work.

8 Peach Midi Skirt

Peach Midi Skirt Via 25 Trendy Office Outfit Ideas ...
A midi skirt is quickly becoming a cool piece to wear in the office, and this peach, flowy midi skirt, is perfect for your spring office wardrobe.

9 A Winter Option

A Winter Option Via 20 Stylish Outfit Ideas With ...
If you live in a cold area where you often put comfort before style, stop right there. This turtleneck and pencil skirt ensemble are the perfect winter office wear!

10 Yellow Sweater

Yellow Sweater Via a fashion deliberation
I love how the yellow pops against the typical office outfit!

11 Classic Office Outfit with a Twist

Classic Office Outfit with a Twist Via stylecaster.com
This classic, muted outfit looks amazing when paired with a turquoise statement necklace.

12 A Wrap Dress

A Wrap Dress Via 3 Curvy-Girl Fashion Tricks Every ...
Especially if you work in a fashion field, this wrap dress looks chic yet professional for a day at the office!

13 Denim at Work

Denim at Work Via Lydia Lynn’s Polka-dotted and Cheerful ...
If you can't say goodbye to denim during your workday, work it into your wardrobe with a chambray shirt and more professional pants. It's still a professional work look with your own style thrown in.

14 Green and Stripes

Green and Stripes Via Outfit Posts: outfit posts: kelly ...
I love the shade of green paired against the black and white stripes. It's the perfect spring look.

15 Pastels on Everything

Pastels on Everything Via What to wear to work: ...
As a huge fan of pastels, the idea of looking like a human Easter egg is super exciting to me, and this look is no exception for that.

16 Hidden Pop of Color

Hidden Pop of Color Via 40 Unboring Work Outfit For ...
On the surface, this outfit looks like your typical office outfit, however, the fuchsia shirt underneath adds a little surprise pop of color.

17 Polka Dots

Polka Dots Via 15 Thanksgiving Outfits for Every ...
If you're a fan of polka dots but are trying to figure out how to make them age appropriate, this is how you do it. Plus, the nice coat just adds another layer.

18 Floral Skirt

Floral Skirt Via Extra Petite | Petite Fashion, ...
A pencil skirt is an office-must, but this green and floral skirt is something that none of your coworkers would ever think to wear!

19 Blue and Yellow

Blue and Yellow Via Outfit Posts: outfit post: navy ...
This navy blue blouse pairs perfectly with this mustard yellow skirt and nude heels.

20 Fuchsia and Gray Tweed

Fuchsia and Gray Tweed Via 40 Unboring Work Outfit For ...
These gray tweed pants are gorgeous, and paired with the fuchsia shirt and black gloves, it's a stunning outfit.

21 Neutral Stripes

Neutral Stripes Via 40 Unboring Work Outfit For ...
These neutral stripes paired with a collared shirt and camel corduroys may be my new go-to office look!

22 Classic Look with a Pop

Classic Look with a Pop Via Fashion for Work: 16 Lovely ...
I absolutely love this classic office look with the coral heels contrasting against it.

23 Black, White, and Red All over

Black, White, and Red All over Via Discover and Share Outfit Ideas ...
Don't you just love the gray tweed skirt paired against the red cardigan and black heels? It screams business professional!

24 Red and Peplum

Red and Peplum Via Top 10 Style Tips for ...
This peplum top gets a new look entirely when paired with a tailored red blazer.

25 Chambray Shirt and Pencil Skirt

Chambray Shirt and Pencil Skirt Via 22 Idéias clássicas pra looks ...
Everything about this look just look so sophisticated and perfect to me.

What are your favorite office looks? Let me know in the comments!

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