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It can be hard to find plus size lines that you absolutely love, especially if you have a unique sense of style. There is no reason that you should sacrifice your fashion sense or style because your body is a little bit different, and thankfully, these plus size lines agree. These plus size lines are the best of the best, and offer a wide variety of styles, clothes, and fits, to make you feel your best and most confident in clothes that you absolutely love and want to wear all the time!

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ASOS Curve

ASOS Curve ASOS Curve has one of the best plus-size lines on the Internet, in my opinion. They have a huge variety of flattering yet chic dresses and pieces that you’ll be desperate to wear, plus they sell basics to help you stock your wardrobe, which is always a plus! No matter what you’re looking for ASOS Curve probably supplies it. However, ASOS can be tricky because they don’t have a brick and mortar store, which means you can’t try anything on before purchasing.


Ava & Viv

Ava & Viv Target recently made headlines when they announced their new plus size line, Ava & Viv. Whether they’re plus size or not, everyone rejoiced over the new variety of options at Target. Sure, Target has always had a plus size line, but not nearly as cute as Ava & Viv. In fact, I think I like Ava & Viv more than I like a lot of pieces I’ve seen at Target recently, plus size or not!


Forever 21 plus

Forever 21 plus For teenagers, Forever 21 is the Holy Grail, and thankfully, they have a plus size line that’s extensive. In fact, in bigger locations that are sectioned off into rooms, there are entire rooms dedicated to its plus size line. No matter your age, you will probably fall in love with Forever 21’s plus size collection!


ModCloth plus

ModCloth plus Who doesn’t love ModCloth’s cute and quirky aesthetic? Luckily, they have a plus size collection and that plus size collection is just as cute and quirky as their other lines. No matter your style, you’re sure to find something you love from ModCloth!



Torrid Torrid is a store exclusively dedicated to plus size clothing, which is sometimes better, because the fit may be just a little better. Thankfully, it’s not a store that sacrifices fashion for function, because the wide variety of clothes you’ll find at Torrid are both fashionable and functional!

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H&M+ Everyone loves a great dress, and while H&M+ has though, sometimes you just want a comfortable sweatshirt or leggings, and that’s truly where H&M+ shines. H&M is known for its affordable basics, and its plus size line is no different. On top of basics, they have everything you could ever want: from midi skirts to chunky sweaters, they seem to have it all!


Fashion to Figure

Fashion to Figure Fashion to Figure, like Torrid, is a store that also only features plus size clothing. Just like Torrid, it definitely does not sacrifice fashion for fit, and you’ll fall in love with everything Fashion to Figure has to offer. Unlike H&M, Fashion to Figure doesn’t really focus on comfort—instead, they offer clothes for going out and dressing up, which is always necessary!

What’s your favorite plus size line? Give everyone some ideas in the comments!

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Torrid has such clothes plus their shoes are long lasting and super stylish I love their boots

I love Fashion to Figure and Ashley Stewart! Very comfortable, fashionable, versatile and reasonably priced!

Love going to Torrid; Their clothes are fashionable and affordable.

Lane Bryant is also a great place!

I am so glad you included Ava & Viv on this list. I unload trucks at Target and i am obsessed with the brand!

Awesome! Gonna check out these sites. Cato's also has a plus size section and their clothes are extremely affordably.

Such cute clothes

I like Marina Rinaldi, but their clothes are quite expensive.

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