9 Types of Bra Every Woman Should Own ...


9 Types of Bra Every Woman Should Own ...
9 Types of Bra Every Woman Should Own ...

When it comes to bras, don’t make the mistake of thinking that the process of covering and lifting your boobs is a simple one! Depending on what you are doing, where you are going, or what kind of shape you are hoping to achieve, there are lots of different kinds of bras out there to buy and try. If you are someone who has stuck to one kind of bra for your entire life up to this point, then it is definitely time to start branching out and seeing what else there is out there! Here are nine types of bra that every woman should own!

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T-Shirt Bra

This is pretty much the opposite to a ‘posh’ bra. It’s the kind of bra that you can wear on an everyday basis to be comfortable. It’s designed to look seamless and invisible under your clothes to create a nice silhouette for any casual outfit.


Strapless Bra

These can sometimes be a pain, but they are a life saver when it comes to rocking a strapless dress at a formal event. They will stop your boobs from looking low and sad, and will give you the lift and support you need whilst also showing off your clavicles!


Sports Bra

Essential for when you are working out. They keep everything tucked in and pushed down to avoid embarrassing or painful bouncing. The fuller the chest, the thicker the straps!


Racerback Bra

These are bras that have a T or Y shape strap crisscross in the back, ideal for wearing racerback style tops and dresses. They are also perfect for women who for whatever reason have a problem with keeping their normal bra straps in place.


U-Plunge Bra

A U-plunge bra is perfect for anyone who wants to wear a garment with a plunging neck line. You will be given the support that you need, but the middle cleavage section is lowered so that it can’t be seen under your plunging garment.


Stick-on Bra

These are nifty little bras for the trickiest dresses and tops, especially if they are backless. If you have a larger chest this might not be an option for you, but those rocking A and B cups can definitely benefit.


Low Back Bra

The perfect choice for you if you like the safety of straps but also want to wear something with a plunging back line. The rear waistband rests much lower, giving you more back to play with!



Bralettes are extremely delicate bras that are designed to be seen under your clothing. Made from gentle fabrics with nice designs, they are actually supposed to be part of your outfit rather than a hidden thing underneath.



If you have a small chest and can’t find a bra to work with a complicated outfit, then just bust out a pair of petals, which are essentially little nipple coverings that you can put on to avoid chaffing and create a smooth surface!

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