10 Ways to Hide πŸ™ˆ Your Muffin Top 😬 ...

There are plenty of areas on the body that women admit to feeling vulnerable about, and it would be fair to say that your muffin top is definitely one of them! If you’ve got a little bit of belly warring with your jeans, then it can cause a silhouette or a shape that isn’t the most desirable for you, and for lots of women, it can be a real dent to self esteem and self confidence. Don’t worry though, there are plenty of tips and tricks that you can apply! Here are ten ways to hide your muffin top.

1. Structure

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Avoid any kind of fabric that is too clingy and might expose the bits underneath that you don’t want to be seen! Instead, opt for more structured fabrics that hold their shape and will give a good silhouette to your midsection.

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