10 Ways to Hide Your Muffin Top ...

By Carly

10 Ways to Hide Your Muffin Top ...

There are plenty of areas on the body that women admit to feeling vulnerable about, and it would be fair to say that your muffin top is definitely one of them! If you’ve got a little bit of belly warring with your jeans, then it can cause a silhouette or a shape that isn’t the most desirable for you, and for lots of women, it can be a real dent to self esteem and self confidence. Don’t worry though, there are plenty of tips and tricks that you can apply! Here are ten ways to hide your muffin top.

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1 Structure

clothing, fashion model, dress, fashion, outerwear, Avoid any kind of fabric that is too clingy and might expose the bits underneath that you don’t want to be seen! Instead, opt for more structured fabrics that hold their shape and will give a good silhouette to your midsection.

2 Busty

shoulder, joint, neck, arm, photo shoot, Pick tops that are going to emphasise your bust, as that will act as a distraction for your muffin top! Adding emphasis to your bust line is also a great way to add more balance to your silhouette.

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3 Camisole

blue, eyewear, clothing, shoulder, vision care, Wear a camisole underneath your external layers to help smooth things from your midriff to the bottom of your bust. Any kind of shapewear can be brilliant, as long as you make sure to pick the right size for your body.

4 High Waisted

shoulder, girl, outerwear, sweater, jeans, Hide everything underneath the strong layer of denim by picking out a pair of high waisted jeans! You are in luck here because high waisted jeans are bang on trend. Nobody will suspect that you are hiding a muffin top; they’ll just think you’re being fashionable!

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5 Stretch

clothing, tights, jeans, outerwear, leggings, Embrace jeans that have a stretchy kind of denim rather than super stiff, or even go as far as rocking jeggings. If the trousers you wear aren’t at war with your stomach, then there will be no risk of your muffin top being pushed around.

6 Longer Tops

clothing, fashion model, outerwear, plaid, sleeve, If you want to wear low rise jeans instead, make sure that you pair them with a top that comes down lower down to cover anything that might be trying to pop over the threshold. The low jeans put attention on your hips rather than your tummy.

7 Empire Waist

footwear, outerwear, fashion model, headgear, tights, When it comes to wearing dresses, the best style is an empire waist dress that sits just underneath your bust line. It avoids anything being too tight around your stomach.

8 Wrap Dress

clothing, fashion model, shoulder, fashion, photo shoot, When in doubt, wrap it up! A classic wrap dress holds everything in place beautifully, creating an instant hourglass silhouette that shows no hint of muffin top.

9 Cropped Jacket

fur clothing, jeans, fur, coat, fashion model, A cropped or tailored jacket is a great way to add some more shape and texture to your outfit, taking attention away from your muffin top area. A cropped jean jacket, for example, can create a really streamlined look.

10 Shapewear

shoulder, joint, leg, active undergarment, thigh, It really is a gift from God! Just do lots of experimenting with the different kinds of shapewear that are available, you will definitely find something that works great for you.

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