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7 Types of Glamour ...

By Jordin

In this world, there are many types of glamour. Glamour and fashion have been so highly ranked and sought after that there are many magazines, books, movies, even lines of work committed and devoted to breaking down society into different categories and styles of glamour. And while they are constantly coming up with new fashions and trends to model and wear, my honest opinion is that there will always be 7 basic styles of glamour. Trends may come and go, but true glamour will always be sought after. Most likely, every woman falls into one or more of these kinds of glamour. It's not a bad thing to experience all of these in your lifetime. But it's always good to know what your go-to style of glamour is. Would you like to find out what yours is? Well, then keep reading my article on 7 types of glamour!

1 Classic Glamour

Classic GlamourPhoto Credit: Sunshine In Your Heart

Classic glamour is-well, just that! Classic glamour! You know the lady who always looks timeless and perfectly in style no matter what the hot trend of the moment it or what she's even wearing? Yep, that's classic glamour for you! My grandmother is definitely a classic glamour kind of lady, she always looks perfect. No matter the occasion, she looks amazing! I love the classic glamour look and I think it's very ladylike.

2 Gutsy Glamour

Gutsy GlamourPhoto Credit: Georgina Swan

Gutsy glamour is one type of glamour that not every person can pull off! Gutsy glamour is modeled by the type of girl who takes risks with fashion but always manages to make it look great! The girl who dares to wear men's clothing mixed with women's clothing, the girl who dares to wear leather and satin together or show up at a barbecue in a ballerina style skirt, a t-shirt and a neck-tie. Not many people can rock this sort of fashion, but if you can, kudos to you!


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3 Mama Glamour

Mama GlamourPhoto Credit: js

No, I don't mean "Mom" clothes when I say mama glamour. I'm talking about rocking that baby bump! I think it's so beautiful to see a pregnant women with that little belly sticking proudly out. Motherhood is an amazing thing to experience as I'm sure many of you know. Pregnant women always seem to glow from the inside out, but I love to see a women who still dresses fashionably even though she is pregnant. There's no need to dress like a bag even if you feel like one! Love that mama glamour while you have it!

4 Unique Glamour

Unique GlamourPhoto Credit:

It's such a huge fashion inspiration to see a girl or woman walking around wearing unique items of clothing. I absolutely love vintage clothes or anything that is just different. There's something to be said for a girl who doesn't follow trends. A girl who simply wears what she wants and what makes her feel good. Now that's a girl who can set her own type of fashion if she wants to. And she normally does!

5 Pretty Glamour

Pretty GlamourPhoto Credit: Qnney

Pretty glamour in my eyes is your girl-next-door, American babe look. Your pretty cookie-cutter style. Ultra feminine and soft! Most guys go for this type of glamour because it's so likable and it's familiar. And there's nothing wrong with that! Being girly and feminine is one of our rights as women and I fully believe it should be well exercised!

6 Edgy Glamour

Edgy GlamourPhoto Credit:

Sexiness will never go out of style, but before I go any further, let me emphasize that I think you can be sexy without presenting a bad image or revealing too much skin. An edgy glamour has just as much to do with attitude and the look in your eyes as it does your clothing. You can wear leather and lace and appear edgy, or you can don a high fashion dress, slick your hair back, wear some red lipstick and lo and behold, that's edgy glamour for you! Either way, you will look lovely. Having the ability to go one way or the other is part of what makes edgy glamour so neat!

7 Inner Glamour

Photo Credit: samm. alt

I think that by far, the most important type of glamour is inner glamour. Appearances do matter, but do you want to be remembered for your clothes or your amazing attitude and gorgeous smile? I think you can be remembered for all of it! Truth be told, no one will remember what you wore in 6 months. But a kind word and a gentle spirit goes a very long way in being remembered. Let's all try to make sure inner glamour is one of the styles of glamour that we possess!

Now that you know 7 types of glamour, you can easily figure out which one you belong to! And you don't have to be just one, you can be one, two, or even all of them if you want! I have always loved the fashion and glamour world. I hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as I enjoyed writing it for you! What kind of glamour do you epitomize? Please comment below if you loved my article and thank you for reading!

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