7 Uber Flattering Ways to Wear Culottes ...

Culottes are this season’s must-have garment. Not only will they get you through any unpredictable periods – spring and fall included – but they are also uber stylish, without requiring expensive tailoring. Getting the look right is more than just finding a pair that fits well, though. Here are seven ways to wear culottes that will ensure you look amazing, whatever you’re doing.

1. Leather

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Leather culottes might feel risky, but they can look perfect when done right. Don’t go for skin tight! We’re talking loose leather, with a comfortable and well-fitting waist. Team them with a feminine white blouse and some stylish rose gold jewellery (bangles and watches are perfect). You can add a long black jacket if you need one, as well as a smart black leather bag – keep the bag structured, though, not saggy. Too much baggy leather is not a good look. To do leather culottes right, remember to team them with something classy and keep your accessories muted but classic. Win.

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