The 😏Secret to Wearing Dresses👗 like a Style Goddess 👸👸🏿 ...

No matter your body shape, there is a dress out there that flatters your figure perfectly! That being said, it can be pretty difficult to find the dress shape that flatters your shape well. Rather than go through the trial and error of trying different dress shapes until you find one that looks amazing on you, this list is here to help you survive your biggest fashion issues and worries. Now, when you’re looking for a form-flattering dress, look no further than this list for the best dress shape for your figure!

1. Straight Shape: a-Line

If you have a mostly straight body shape, then A-Line dresses are beyond perfect for you. The A-Line creates a waist on any body type, so if you’re self-conscious about your body type, the A-line shape creates a cinched waist with a fuller skirt to create the illusion of an hourglass figure.

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