The Secret to Wearing Dresses like a Style Goddess ...

By Teresa

The Secret to Wearing Dresses like a Style Goddess ...

No matter your body shape, there is a dress out there that flatters your figure perfectly! That being said, it can be pretty difficult to find the dress shape that flatters your shape well. Rather than go through the trial and error of trying different dress shapes until you find one that looks amazing on you, this list is here to help you survive your biggest fashion issues and worries. Now, when you’re looking for a form-flattering dress, look no further than this list for the best dress shape for your figure!

1 Straight Shape: a-Line

clothing, flower, hairstyle, costume, floristry, If you have a mostly straight body shape, then A-Line dresses are beyond perfect for you. The A-Line creates a waist on any body type, so if you’re self-conscious about your body type, the A-line shape creates a cinched waist with a fuller skirt to create the illusion of an hourglass figure.

2 Pear-Shaped: Empire Waist

clothing, color, pink, yellow, lilac, If you’re pear-shaped, shopping for the perfect dress can be tough. If you’re trying to play down your hips or simply make your bust look a little bit bigger than it is, an empire waist is perfect for you. It plays up your bust while playing down your waist, which is what most pear-shaped girls want in a dress!

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3 Hourglass: Wrap Dress

clothing, color, snapshot, plaid, polka dot, Congratulations on having one of the most sought after body shapes! To accentuate your curves, wear a wrap dress. The wrap feature will pull in the fabric around your waist, showing off your curves, and the v-neck will accentuate your bust.

4 Apple: Empire Waist

clothing, color, woman, turquoise, aqua, Most women with apple-shaped bodies hate shopping for dresses but that shouldn’t be the case. Empire waist dresses are personally one of my favorite dress styles, and they look amazing on women with apple-shaped bodies. They flow beautifully over your body while also hiding any areas you may be self-conscious about. Plus, they show off your bust so beautifully that how could you not love them?

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5 Full-Bust: Semi-Fitted

clothing, active undergarment, thigh, abdomen, chest, Dressing for a full bust can be quite the task, especially when it comes to dresses, because most dresses are made to show off your bust. Decide whether you want to show off your assets or cover them up a little bit with the neckline, and from there look for a dress that’s semi-fitted. The way that the dress is fitted shows off other areas of your body that are usually overshadowed by your bust!

6 Short: Simple Silhouette

clothing, orange, dress, model, toy, If you’re short, a simple silhouette is perfect. It’s super easy to accessorize. Most short women I know love heels. Wearing a simple silhouette instantly lets you wear a gorgeous pair of show-stopping heels or something else that’s sure to leave everyone focused on how great you look and not your height, which is great if you often feel self-conscious over your height.

7 Petite: Shift Dress

clothing, footwear, dress, beauty, fashion, You are one of the few women who can wear a retro, mod, shift dress. This dress was made for you. Most women can’t wear it because it doesn’t work well with curvier body types, so be proud that you can and wear it with confidence!

Which of these styles should you wear? Did you love this style before or have you never tried it? Let me know how you’ll incorporate this into your regular wardrobe in the comments!

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A shift dress

What about if you're short, have an hour-glass figure and have big boobs? 😂😂

The one that shows in the articles title.

I am closer to straight, but body con still look good, too! Never tried a line, though, will definitely opt for this style when dress shopping! Thank you!

What about athletic bodies!?!

Thanks, great advice!:)

Just wear what looks good on you

A line

@ amma lol than u can wear all those dresses I guess lolzz

One is very me

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