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Backless dresses are such an amazing style staple, but sometimes we can be self-conscious about wearing them. From eliminating body acne to finding the perfect bra, it can seem like a chore just to wear a simple dress. However, if you want to wear a backless dress but don’t know where to start with your own checklist, this list will make it so easy for you to get ready to rock your backless dress at your next event!

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Find a Good Spot of Your Back to Show off

Find a Good Spot of Your Back to Show off One of the most essential parts of wearing a backless dress is finding the spot on your back that you think is the most flattering and choosing a dress that highlights that. When you feel confident about what you’re showing off, you’ll feel better in what you’re wearing!


Fake Tan

Fake Tan Get the fake tan out, because there’s no point in wearing a backless dress if you don’t have a gorgeous summer glow to go along with it. Just because you don’t have time (or the skin tone) for a pretty summer tan doesn’t mean that you can’t get a tan altogether! Get a spray tan that works well with your skin tone, or maybe even find one with a little bit of sparkle for an extra glowy look!


Be Aware of Your Posture

Be Aware of Your Posture If there were any outfit to be aware of your posture in, it’d be a backless dress. When you’re hunched over in a backless dress, it’s even more obvious than in any other outfit. Rather than spend the whole night worrying about what you look like, if you have the proper posture, you’ll automatically be so much more confident in your look!



Exfoliate Exfoliating should obviously come before the spray tan, but you’d be surprised at just how much of a difference that exfoliating can make. If you get one with acne medicine in it, it can eliminate any body acne issues you may have. Even if you don’t get a medicated exfoliating cream, you’d be surprised at how fresh and revitalized it will make your skin!


Take Your Bra off in Advance

Take Your Bra off in Advance Since you’ll definitely be going bra-less with this look, you want to avoid as many unsightly lines as possible. Every woman struggles with those uncomfortable lines that come with wearing your bra for any amount of time, but if you take off your bra a few hours before you put your dress on, those lines will be long gone!


But Don’t Nix the Bra Altogether

But Don’t Nix the Bra Altogether You don’t need to forgo the bra just because you’re wearing a backless dress. The very thought just stresses me out! If you’re too nervous to ditch the bra when wearing a backless dress, try wearing a sticky bra. You can find them at nearly any craft store (however, I recently got one from Charlotte Russe that I love!), they’re relatively inexpensive, they last for a long time, and they provide a decent amount of support. They’re perfect for a backless outfit!


Rock It!

Rock It! When it comes down to it, though, the most important part of wearing a backless dress is wearing it with confidence! If you’re confident in your look and how you look, you’re sure to turn heads and be the most beautiful girl in the room!

What are your most important tips and tricks to wearing a backless dress? Give me the tips you live by in the comments!

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@ddlollee you dont need em. And btw this writer didnt mention if you have gross back acne dont wear it, it would just look gross and embarassing!

Alison I read an article somewhere and she was also Big busted and she said she buys cheap good bras cut all the straps off and stitches them into the dress so she has a inbuilt bra in her backless dress high I thought was absolutely ingenious!!

Nice tips!

So i cant wear a backless dress if i don't have that summer glow, well fuck that, embrace whatever skin color you have Instead!! I actually like my paleness, i like every skincolor but i don't think it is cool what you said

I can't wear backless i have a lot of pimples at may back

i wish I have the boobs for it. back lace is just so sexy

Pale skin is beautiful!

@ebba I totally agree, not everyone needs a tan cause some people have beautiful pale skin! I wish I could do these dresses but I'm an F cup - not going to happen!

Also fake tanning is not a must! If anything people should not do it!

Well I guess I can't wear backless I'm pale lol and I'm a 32DD sticky bras are not my friend 😂

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