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7 Unique Scarves That You Must Have in Your Wardrobe ...

By Megan

Are you looking for some unique scarves to add to your wardrobe? If so, you’ve come to the right place! The scarves in this article are cute, funky, fashionable, and different. These scarves are perfect to spice up a dull outfit, and to make you stand out from the crowd. Here are seven unique scarves that you must have in your wardrobe.

1 ModCloth’s Great Idea Scarf

ModCloth’s Great Idea Scarf Unique scarves are great pieces to have in your wardrobe, primarily because they’re an easy way to add interest to a dull outfit. This scarf, in particular, is ideal because the orange foxes add a pop of colour to the scarf, but the scarf itself remains pretty neutral (because of the tan background). Since ModCloth’s Great Idea Scarf is comprised mostly of a neutral colour, it will be perfect to wear with any outfit. And let’s not forget that this scarf is ideal for those who adore foxes!

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2 ModCloth’s Kawaii Character Scarf

ModCloth’s Kawaii Character Scarf Isn’t this item adorable? If you are a fan of Hello Kitty and her Sanrio friends, then ModCloth’s Kawaii Character Scarf is just for you! I love the bright colours of this scarf. This item would be perfect to pair with some dark wash jeans and a plain t-shirt. Or, you can pair this scarf with a striped sweater. It’s up to you. Keep it youthful and fun with this scarf.

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3 Target’s Oversized Zebra Scarf

Target’s Oversized Zebra Scarf Are you a fan of zebras? Target’s Oversized Zebra Scarf has zebras all over it. What I love about this scarf is that the background is a bright yellow colour. This item is a great statement piece. So, if you feel like your outfit is looking a little drab, just put on this scarf and you’ll be good to go!

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4 Target’s Xhilaration Letter Print Infinity Scarf

Target’s Xhilaration Letter Print Infinity Scarf While the colour of this scarf is neutral, the print makes it unique. This item is comprised of a letter-printed fabric. Cool, right? What’s also different about this piece is that it’s been made into an infinity scarf. Infinity scarves are very popular right now. Target’s Xhilaration Letter Print Infinity Scarf is perfect for those who love neutral colours (like black and white) but still want to stand out.

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5 ModCloth’s Brunch Bunch Scarf

ModCloth’s Brunch Bunch Scarf Talk about yummy! ModCloth’s Brunch Bunch Scarf takes unique to a whole new level. I don’t think I’ve ever come across a scarf like this. Have you? This item is cute, quirky, and perfect for all the trendsetters out there. I guarantee that you will get a lot of compliments when you wear this piece.

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6 ModCloth’s Here I Glam Scarf

ModCloth’s Here I Glam Scarf This scarf is perfect for all the Marilyn Monroe fans out there. ModCloth’s Here I Glam Scarf is comprised of a fabric that has Marilyn Monroe’s face printed on it. I love this scarf! Don’t you? This item is classic and yet modern, and it would look great paired with a bold red lipstick (just like Marilyn).

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7 ModCloth’s Hoot That Girl? Scarf

ModCloth’s Hoot That Girl? Scarf Do you love owls? This scarf has owls all over it! What’s really unique about ModCloth’s Hoot That Girl? Scarf is that the owls are turquoise. This item is sure to make blue eyes pop. Since the background colour of this scarf is white, you can wear it with anything. I think this scarf would look great with some blue jeans and a white t-shirt. What do you think?

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That was seven unique scarves that you must have in your wardrobe. All of these items would be perfect to add some interest to a dull outfit. Which scarf do you think is the most unique? Which scarf is your favourite from this list?

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