9 Adorable Lightweight Raincoats That You'll Love ...


Do you have lightweight raincoats for those pesky showers? I sure do! When it rain, it pours here! And when and if things get wet, the last thing you want to deal with is a heavy jacket, so here are some lightweight raincoats that you should consider getting:

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The North Face Jacket, Resolve Zip-up Waterproof

The North Face Jacket, Resolve Zip-up Waterproof macys.com

I really like this North Face jacket, and it is one of my all time favorite lightweight raincoats! This jacket has a collar that stands up, so if it’s windy out, it gives you extra warmth! If you are a cyclist, this is a good option, too, since the colors are very eye catching!


Givenchy Floral Panel Raincoat

Givenchy Floral Panel Raincoat ssense.com

I love everything about this raincoat! It looks kind of like those military style jackets that were very popular a few years ago, with a feminine floral twist. Pair with a menswear inspired pants suit for extra contrast.


Donna Karan Raincoat

Donna Karan Raincoat neimanmarcus.com

Spring days can still be chilly! And if you need a rain jacket cover up for a dress, this is a great option! I love the blue color and the sleek shine of this coat - and it doubles as a non-raincoat, too.


Stem to Stern Raincoat

Stem to Stern Raincoat modcloth.com

I love this simple bright blue raincoat! The cute pops of color on the lining makes this jacket super chic! I would wear this fun raincoat with some leggings and hunter boots.


Armani Jeans Waist Band Detail Rain Coat

Armani Jeans Waist Band Detail Rain Coat zappos.com

This pastel raincoat is beyond adorable! I like how the waist is adjustable, so you can make it fit your figure more! I would wear this cute jacket with either pastel colored jeans or just plain lightwash jeans.


Columbia Women’s Arcadia Rain Jacket

Columbia Women’s Arcadia Rain Jacket amazon.com

This was one of my first rain jackets, and I still have it! This rain jacket is so lightweight that I never mind wearing it “just in case”. Plus, the colors are so fun that the jacket looks so great anyway!


Rain Dots Keep Falling Raincoat

Rain Dots Keep Falling Raincoat modcloth.com

This is such a fun raincoat! It has a vintage touch to it, and it’s definitely for you pattern lovers out there! I would keep things simple with this jacket, so I would pair this with some leggings and a plain shirt. Or may be skinny jeans, your favorite solid-color rainboots, and a cute graphic tee?


My Fair Festival Raincoat

My Fair Festival Raincoat modcloth.com

This is the perfect raincoat to keep with you in case of unexpected rain. It's clear, and lightweight, and will match absolutely anything you happen to be wearing. Pair with a matching see-through umbrella and you'll be set!


Petit Bateau Fini Raincoat

Petit Bateau Fini Raincoat shopbop.com

I am in love with this raincoat! The bright yellow speaks for itself and the hardware just looks so good against this classic jacket. This jacket would look amazing with some lightwash jeans and a flowy floral top!

I love shopping for rain coats each spring, and I am always so surprised with what new styles I find. I think that on rainy days, it is super important to brighten up your day with fun raincoats and rain boots! Which one of these raincoats is your favorite? Where do you like to shop for your raincoats?

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Haha I have that north face jacket on hold! But I also just bought the Columbia jacket JUST last fall. But it feels to big! Might give it to my mom so I can buy the northface(they didn't have my size in the fall) Both jackets are awesome! I agree with this list!

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