7 Wardrobe Essentials for Busy Mothers ...

A list of wardrobe essentials for busy mothers is very helpful - more than you probably imagine! Sometimes it is near impossible for busy mums to decide in a matter of seconds what to wear without looking frumpy. A mother’s universe is fast changing and every occasion she attends means thorough preparation for the entire family. Here are seven wardrobe essentials for busy mothers that will hopefully help hardworking moms out there to look fashionably gorgeous, even with children and husbands in tow.

1. Blue Jeans and V-Neck Shirt

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This is the most laid-back in the list of wardrobe essentials for busy mothers. Buying groceries or picking up the kids from school? The blue-jeans-V-neck-shirt combo does the trick for me. But don’t think you have license to go out of the house a hot mess just because you're in jeans. Tie your hair up in ponytail, apply very light eye shadow and brown eyeliner then pump that up with lipstick or lip gloss. I personally like faded blue jeans and my white V-neck shirt. I wear them with pink color on my lips.

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