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A list of wardrobe essentials for busy mothers is very helpful - more than you probably imagine! Sometimes it is near impossible for busy mums to decide in a matter of seconds what to wear without looking frumpy. A mother’s universe is fast changing and every occasion she attends means thorough preparation for the entire family. Here are seven wardrobe essentials for busy mothers that will hopefully help hardworking moms out there to look fashionably gorgeous, even with children and husbands in tow.

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Blue Jeans and V-Neck Shirt

Blue Jeans and V-Neck Shirt This is the most laid-back in the list of wardrobe essentials for busy mothers. Buying groceries or picking up the kids from school? The blue-jeans-V-neck-shirt combo does the trick for me. But don’t think you have license to go out of the house a hot mess just because you're in jeans. Tie your hair up in ponytail, apply very light eye shadow and brown eyeliner then pump that up with lipstick or lip gloss. I personally like faded blue jeans and my white V-neck shirt. I wear them with pink color on my lips.


The All-around Scarf/Shawl

The All-around Scarf/Shawl This piece always saves my day. I am the scarf-shawl queen and I bring one everywhere I go. I have this thinking that an invitation might come up at anytime, and I can have my scarf or my shawl as the panacea to my outfit emergency. I love scarfs and shawls because once I put them on or mix them with an existing wardrobe, my look suddenly takes on a new spin.


An Army of Shirts and Blouses

An Army of Shirts and Blouses Don’t underestimate the sheer power of shirts and blouses. As long as you have a great variety of these, you will never go naked…literally and figuratively. My mom used to tell me that shirts and blouses define your personality. I guess she is right because when I look at my closet, I see a lot of statement shirts with encouraging, inspiring quotes on them. I also see dressy, pretty blouses which I usually turn to for casual functions. Whatever you do, stock p on shirts and blouses. They come in handy.


The Black Dress

The Black Dress It never goes out of style. I have 10 of these in my closet right now, ranging from short, above-the-knee, body-hugging type to the ankle-length, silky, spaghetti-strapped piece. Black is not my favorite color, but I have turned to black in countless instances because I simply cannot decide what else to wear. The black dress is your lifesaver for parties, formal gatherings, graduation ceremonies and dinner dates. If you don’t have at least one LBD, then you better head off to the department store and get one... or two. Make that three.


The Heels and the Flats

The Heels and the Flats I love heels. They give me confidence. I stand at 5 feet 4 inches tall and while I'm comfortable with my height, it doesn't hurt sometimes to be 5 feet 7 inches, with a little help from my heels. But flats are blissful answers to the world’s pressing problems, especially when it involves your feet! I was once asked by a colleague whether I prefer heels or flats, since she's seen me wear both. I told her there's no point of choosing one over the other because these two are like air and water. You simply can’t have one without the other.


Pairs of Pearl and Stud Earrings

Pairs of Pearl and Stud Earrings I am into dangling, chandelier earrings that catch the attention of any unassuming passerby. But since having children, I have embraced pearl earnings and studs with respect. Not that I didn't wear them before; I did in some black-tie event and formal occasions. Having children made me appreciate them a lot more now; I need not worry about my little girl pulling my earrings if they're just studs. Stud earrings go well with any outfit too, and are easier to store.


Oversize, Stylishly Loud Bag

Oversize, Stylishly Loud Bag Everything I need, I pull out of this magic bag. I have them in orange, green, brown, red, yellow, purple and black designed with hearts, flowers, letters and numbers. Oversized bags are the way a busy mother manages to bring everything that the universe calls for. To avoid getting confused where is what though, make sure to place your things in color coded smaller pouches or bags inside your huge bag. For example, notebooks and pens can be placed in an orange pouch while makeup essentials can be in the yellow mini-bag.

Moms, we do so much work, every day, that we deserve to treat ourselves better. Sure, it involves a lot of effort to look good but you are already doing a lot in managing the household, right? What is a few minutes of prepping yourself up to look confident and pretty? Go ahead and be gorgeous! Is there anything in your mind about style essentials for busy mothers? Feel free to share.

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Love it! Needed to read this to remind me To make more if an effort to look good!!

I found this handy for busy uni students too

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