8 Ways to Address Common Body Image Issues when Getting Dressed ...


We all have something we would like to change about ourselves and as women we all have common body image issues. Sometimes it can be frustrating when you’re shopping and you feel like nothing fits the way it should. On the bright side, there are tricks to hide these figure challenges. Next time you go shopping, try to remember the tips that apply to you to avoid common body image issues.

1. Tummy

Ladies, tummy issues are one of the most common body image issues women have with themselves. Two things – first, high waisted anything is your friend because it will help to conceal a muffin top and Β«uck some excess tummy in. Second, anything clingy or shiny is your enemy! Lycra-like materials will bunch up around the rolls of the stomach and garments that have sheen to it will catch light and make that particular area look larger. Another good tip is to wear darker coloured blouses to camouflage your stomach.

Short Thighs
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