Ways to Elevate Your Professional Look ...

By Carly

Ways to Elevate  Your Professional  Look  ...

Are you somebody who is super casual in your personal life, but is required to be super professional in your career? It can be easy to switch those two mindsets on a daily basis, turning on your game face when you walk through the office doors, but something that can often be harder to get right is your aesthetic. In work environments, looking the part is sometimes just as important as acting the part, so it’s important to get both elements right! Here are some effective ways to elevate your professional look to new heights.

Table of contents:

  1. consider your role
  2. return to colour
  3. tailoring
  4. take notes
  5. signature

1 Consider Your Role

clothing, white, blazer, fashion model, shoulder, Think about the ins and outs of your everyday role at work, and make sure that you pick formal but functional garments that aren’t going to look out of place. Looking professional doesn’t mean wearing your most expensive and glamorous things; it means dressing well for the specific environment.

2 Return to Colour

clothing, footwear, shoulder, leg, trunk, Have you find yourself slipping in to the boring blacks and navys too often of late? It can be an easy thing to do, but you should try to inject some splashes of colour back into your everyday outfits. Don’t dress for a disco, but a deep red blazer or something along those lines will definitely be a hit.

3 Tailoring

sitting, fashion model, gentleman, photo shoot, suit, You instantly look more professional if you wear clothes that fit you properly. Avoid all of your baggy ‘at home’ garments and instead commit to wearing tailored clothes to work. You will look more powerful and you will look like you are more in charge. It can change your entire body language and attitude!

4 Take Notes

coat, fashion model, shoulder, fashion, girl, Take a look at what some of the most respected women in your office like to wear to work, and whilst you shouldn’t be copying them outright, you should definitely study their looks to see where you can implement a few of their choices in to your own style. Following a fashion leader can be really helpful in terms of finding the right vibe of a work environment.

5 Signature

clothing, jeans, fashion model, shoulder, trunk, Find a style or look that you really love, and that fits with the workplace tone, and then make it your signature. Getting a few of the same outfits in different patterns and colours is a great thing to do for work, because it is almost like having a uniform but at the same being able to inject more of your own personality in to it. The more familiar people get with your signature style, the stronger your standing in the office will get.

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