9 Tips on How to Look Skinny Thanks to Clothes ...


9 Tips on How to Look Skinny Thanks to Clothes ...
9 Tips on How to Look Skinny Thanks to Clothes ...

How To Look Skinny just by wearing certain types of clothes? Yep, it is achievable! While we all know that the way to go about reaching our goal weights is by living a healthy lifestyle, sometimes we just want instant results when it comes to how to look skinny. Thankfully, you can easily appear slimmer just by choosing the right clothes. Take a look at the following tips on how to look skinny just by choosing the right clothes.

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Wear the Right Underwear

Start off by choosing well fitting underwear. That means a bra that fits correctly and underwear that doesn’t cut in. Bras and underwear that cut into your skin can give the appearance of a flabby figure. Wearing well fitted underwear will give the appearance of a smoother figure.


Ignore the Label Size

If you want to know how to look skinny thanks to clothes, you need to ignore the label sizes. Sizing is so inconsistent these days. Choose clothes that actually fit you, no matter what size it says on the label. While wearing a smaller size may give you a short term vanity boost, it won’t do you as many favours in the long run.


Stay Away from Pleated Pants

A key tip for how to look skinny is to choose pants with a smooth front. Pleated pants can puff out below the waistband and give the appearance a few added kilos. Wearing pants with a smooth front and without pockets is another way to remove bulk from around the thighs.


Wear Fitted Clothes

Wearing loose, baggy clothing can make you appear heavier. Wearing clothes that skim your figure is one way of how to look skinny thanks to clothes. If you’re worried about any bulging, choose thicker fabrics and structured designs.


Create an Optical Illusion

Create the illusion of a slimmer figure by wearing a fitted dress with dark vertical panels at the sides. The eyes are drawn to the central panel of fabric, creating an illusion of a shapely silhouette. This is a quirkier way for how to look skinny with the right clothing.


Add Extra Height

Give the appearance of a taller, leaner silhouette by wearing platform wedges or heels. When it comes to how to look skinny this way, make sure that the hem of the trouser reaches the floor though as anything shorter will break the illusion of long, lean legs.


Stick to Separates

Not everyone shares the same measurements, so it’s unreasonable to believe that the clothes on the racks will fit us the exact way the designer intended. If your top and bottom half are different sizes, stick to separates to ensure that what you’re wearing is always well fitted.


Dress in Monochrome

Wearing blocks of colour can give the appearance of a shorter and heavier figure. Remedy this by wearing a single colour from head to toe. This will help give the appearance of a lengthier silhouette.


Choose a Well Proportioned Bag

Choosing the right handbag is another tip to how to look skinny thanks to clothes. A smaller bag can make you appear larger, so choose one that is in proportion to your size. A larger bag can make you appear smaller but remember that carrying a large, heavy bag can also result in neck and back problems. So choose wisely!

Hopefully these tips have helped you out when it comes to how to look skinny using your clothes. By simply choosing the right garments and accessories, we can instantly make ourselves appear slimmer. No crash diets necessary! Do you have any more tips when it comes to clothes and how to look skinny?

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