8 Ways to Spice up Your Look ...


8 Ways to Spice up Your Look ...
8 Ways to Spice up Your Look ...

Are you looking for ways to spice up your look? Well, look no further! Fashion is about reinventing yourself and making a statement about who you are, but life is a constant evolutionary experience. Our look should change along with us, so try out some of these ways to spice up your look!

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Glitter Lips

One of the best ways to spice your look is with a little glitter! But why not try it in a more unconventional way? All you need in addition to your favorite shade of lipstick is a sheer lip gloss and some matching cosmetic glitter, which is really easy to find online. Apply a generous coat of lipstick, but be sure to blot so it’ll become a stain on the lips and won’t budge. Then, smear some lip gloss and dab some glitter on with your finger. Voila, sparkly lips to die for!


Vintage Headwear

There are some gorgeous headpieces from all the way back to the Victorian era that are positively divine. From feathered headbands to crystallized head chains, the vintage look is always a good way to go. Plus, it’s likely to be something no one has seen before, so you’ll be turning heads! Great places to look are ebay.com and etsy.com.


Face Crystals

Want more sparkle? Get some face crystals! These look amazing around the forehead and eye area, and are great for days when you want to be… dazzling. And they’re easy to apply too! All you need is some eyelash glue and you’re good to go!


Funky Lashes

Every time I pass the by the eyelash section at my local beauty supply store, there’s always those crazy lashes that have different colors or rhinestones on them. I always think that I’d never have an occasion to wear them, but then I think… I can make my OWN occasion! It’s my style, right? So I popped a pair with pink tips on and got tons of compliments. Whether they were genuine or not wasn’t my concern -- I felt sexy because I knew I was owning my look.


Nail Art

There’s a new trend of nail designs that’s making nail color more complex (and fabulous) than ever! Gorgeous designs with stencils and glue on accessories are making even neon colors look boring. If you’d like to spice up your look, try some wilder nail art! If you don’t think you can do it yourself, go to your salon and ask if the nail artists can make cool designs.



Okay, so patterns aren’t groundbreaking or new, but I think sometimes we forget that we can use them to create an eye-catching look other than some leggings and a cute shirt. If you’d like to try this to spice up your look, this is my challenge to you: go on a shopping spree and buy only patterned pieces. Wear at least one a day. Instant spice!


Crazy Shoes

Again, not a new idea, but the horizon is expanding! I’m not saying you have to go all Lady Gaga, but there are so many amazing shoes out there are have absolutely crazy designs. Take a chance and try a pair on! You never know, it could be your thing.


Hair Chalk

I’ve seen this all over Instagram, although I’ve never tried it myself. It seems like an awesome concept though! You basically color your hair with this non-permanent chalk, and you can get some really cool colors like pinks and blues without any of the commitment. Plus, you can do it on only a few strands for some shocks of color. Sounds spicy to me!

Do you feel like your look needs to be spiced up? What are some ideas you have to add a little flair to your style?

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I like how u challenge us to try new things :) it's good! I may try the awesome shoes and the nail art

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