8 Ways to Add Red to Your Outfit ...

By Alison

8 Ways to Add Red to Your Outfit ...

When I was out walking one day last week, I found myself walking behind a woman wearing the most stunning red jacket. She really stood out from everyone around her, as most were wearing dark and dull shades. This got me to thinking how, even if you love your basic black (as I do), a splash of red can add a really special touch to an outfit …

1 Shoes

How often do we stick to wearing black or brown footwear? Yet a pair of red shoes would look stunning. So why not be a scarlet woman! If you can’t quite find the nerve to wear red shoes, then look for a pair with a red bow, ribbon or trim.

2 Belt

I have a wide red faux-croc belt that looks amazing when used to cinch in a basic black dress. If you feel a little shy about such a bold colour as red, belts are an easy way of incorporating it into an outfit. Wide, narrow, slung round the hips or defining the waist, there are so many options!

3 Scarf

There’s nothing neutral about red, and it adds a bold splash of colour. Are the winter blues getting you down? Banish them with a warm red woolly scarf. Or in spring, casually wind a lighter silky scarf around your neck, for style without getting too warm.

4 Hat

Hats can be worn whatever the weather, like scarves. A knitted red hat will keep you warm in winter, a bold red beret will take you through into spring and autumn, and a sunhat will look chic on the beach. It takes quite a lot of nerve to wear a hat for anything other than practical reasons, but if you’ve got the courage then why not go all out and wear a red hat just to be stylish?

5 Tights

Do you automatically reach for black tights in the shop? Just imagine how fantastic red tights would look! Especially with a 60s-style mini skirt or dress. Plus thick red tights in winter should make your legs feel warm just looking at them.

6 Bag

Yes, we all do it, don’t we – buy a black bag because it ‘goes with everything’. That’s as may be, but who says we can only have one bag? Be it a small evening clutch or a large daytime satchel, a red bag will provide that je ne sais quoi to an outfit.

3 Top

If you feel ready to venture into red clothing, but want to keep it relatively subtle, then try a red top or jumper. Most of us would feel reluctant to wear something red on our lower half, but a top is an easy way of adding red without it being too dominant.

8 Gloves

Here’s a less obvious idea. Again, we usually wear relatively subtle coloured gloves, yet a red pair, whether in leather or knit, would look amazing. They aren’t just for kids! So you can keep your hands warm in winter as well as looking stylish.

What do you think of red – do you love it, or is it a colour you would never dare wear,a and why?

Top Photo Credit: nicnicgra

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