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Fab Ways to Style Your Inner Girlboss ...

By Randi

Are you looking for ways to style your inner GirlBoss?

Alright guys, I’ll be then first one to say it…being a girl is awesome! I’ll admit it. Even I had to laugh at myself writing that. The truth is, being a girl is hard work. And it’s not always glamorous. However, there is a lot of power in it, and fashion is just one way, not only to harness that power, but to express it and flaunt it! Girl power tees and accessories are a new trend on the rise, so here’s 3 ways to style your inner Girlboss!

1 Jackets

Nothing adds depth to an outfit like layers, and jackets are the perfect add ons and one of my favorite ways to style your inner GirlBoss! Whether it’s a floral kimono, a bad-ass leather jacket, or the fluffiest fur jacket you’ve ever laid eyes on, jackets are a sure way to get some double takes. Throwing on a blazer before you hit the door is usually a great way to look effortlessly put together.

2 Pants

Unfortunately, getting out of bed most days requires putting on pants…but it helps if they’re cute, right? Boyfriend jeans, skinny jeans, trouser pants, and even sweats can be a great way to dress up or down any look,and even help transition a casual tee to a nighttime look. Don’t be scared to try bold colors and funky prints. Have fun. After all, that’s what girl power is all about right?

3 Heels

Keep your standards high and your heels higher, girls! Taking a major page out of Carrie Bradshaw’s handbook, heels can be a cool way to tie an outfit together. They can add a little height, sophistication, and versatility. Not to mention you’ll look like a goddess in the process. The higher the heel the closer to heaven!

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