Girl's Guide on How to Dress Yourself Slim ...


Girl's Guide on How to Dress Yourself Slim ...
Girl's Guide on How to Dress Yourself Slim ...

Wondering how to dress yourself slim? When it comes to wanting to look great, it doesn’t always have to end up with your sweating away in the gym or eating a salad for every single meal. Rather than going straight for a weight loss journey if you don’t think you are quite ready to commit, you can always experiment with the different tips and tricks of the fashion world to try to make you look slimmer in the mean time! You might be surprised at just how effectively you can alter your body shape and silhouette through some simple pieces of fashion advice. Without further ado, here are some tips for how to dress yourself slim.

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Avoid Baggy

leg, beauty, shoulder, photo shoot, cocktail dress, One of the best answers for how to dress yourself slim is to wear clothes that fit. Don’t try to hide your unhappy areas with baggy clothes, because that will only serve to make you look bigger. The larger your silhouette is, the larger you will appear. So instead of hiding your curves, find clothes that aren’t too snug, but also mold your body in a much more appropriate way. After all, when has anything ever looked less by adding more?



fashion model, fashion, eyewear, vision care, plaid, Vertical shapes and lines are what you should be going for. Things like deep V-necks, vertical piping, stripes, and seams are all great. You should be wary of horizontal because they will always make you look wider.


Balance Proportions

jeans, footwear, fur, fur clothing, fashion, Do some clever balancing work with your garment to equalize your proportions. For example, if you are a pear shape with a larger lower half, then wear a shirt with embellishments that make it stand out slightly more. Boat necks, flutter sleeves, ruffles, all acceptable!


Disguise Thighs

coat, clothing, fashion model, orange, fashion, If your thighs are your problem area, then a mid-knee skirt is the way to go. It works to hide the section of leg that is largest, whilst at the same time showing off your slimmer lower leg to great effect. It’s the perfect compromise all year round.


Emphasize Your Waist

fashion model, shoulder, joint, waist, supermodel, No matter what your waist size is, you should be looking to make the most of it by wearing things like statement belts and drawstring dresses to really accentuate your middle in order for your upper and lower halves to have a distinct separation.


Avoid Flimsy Fabric

fashion model, fashion, supermodel, photo shoot, socialite, The worst thing you can do is wear, cheap, poorly made fabrics that cling and rest in all of the wrong places. It really pays off to spend that bit extra to get materials like stretch cotton and gabardine.

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