3 Most Essential Tips on Dressing for Your Body Shape ...


3 Most Essential Tips on Dressing for Your Body Shape ...
3 Most Essential Tips on Dressing for Your Body Shape ...

Wondering how to dress for your body shape? When it comes to finding a style that is perfect for you individually, the fact of the matter is that not everything you see on the runway and in the store windows is going to suit you. Some of this will be down to personality, some of it will be down to things like colour preference and lifestyle suitability, but more often than not, the one thing that determines what does and does not look good on you is your body shape. I’m not saying that any one body shape is better than the other, just that you need to be letting your own shape lead the way when it comes to fashion. Here's how to dress for your body shape.

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Shopping Small/Tall/Curvy

Don’t shy away from the specified size lines that lots of different brands offer. If you find that the biggest size of a general range doesn’t quite display you at your best, then there is no shame in venturing into the plus size range to find a garment that gives you all of the lines and fits that you are looking for. The same goes for taking a look at the tall ranges if you are blessed with height or petite ranges in the opposite case. Don’t be embarrassed because this is exactly how to dress for your body shape.


Know Your Lines

Make yourself as aware of your silhouette as you can be, because having a sense of which clothes add something to your look and which clothes look jarring, frumpy, too tight, too baggy etc. can be super helpful when trying things on in the store. Something to not do here is worry or be concerned about wearing too much of the same kind of thing all the time. If it suits you, and you look great, then it’s your personal style, and people will come to recognize it as such.


Understand Your Colours and Styles

Take notice of when friends and colleagues compliment you on as an outfit. Was it the colour they said suited you or was it the particular style? Ask advice from your friends – those that you trust to tell the truth rather than just respond with platitudes. You want to know that yellow makes you look washed out or that you will just never carry off the little girl look. Be inspired by Instagram and Pinterest and blogs, but don’t just copy a look. Make it your own. Try and find the looks you like on girls with a similar body shape to you.

Bonus tip:
Rather than struggling when looking through store racks, why not save up and make a visit to your local tailor? Instead of trying to fit into unflattering clothes for your shape, thanks to a tailor, you can have beautiful garments made to your exact measurements. It will feel like slipping your whole body into a perfectly fitting glove!

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