Ways You're Ruining Your Leggings without Even Realizing It ...


You don't want to ruin your leggings. That's why you have to be careful when washing them. According to Self, here are a few mistakes you might be making with your leggings:

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You’re Using Warm Water

You’re Using Warm Water The fabric that your leggings are made out of is sensitive. That means it can be damaged if you use warm water to clean them. Stick to using cool water.


You're Using the Dryer

You're Using the Dryer It's best to let your leggings air dry. If you need to use the dryer, try using "tumble dry on low."


You’re Using Regular Bleach

You’re Using Regular Bleach Oxygenated bleach is safe for your leggings. However, you don't want to use regular bleach on them. It could destroy the leggings you've grown to love.


You’re Not Using Fabric Softener

Don't you hate the fuzz buildup on your leggings? If you do, then fabric softener will make your life a whole lot easier, because it'll reduce the chances of that fuzz sticking.


You’re Not Washing Your Bottoms ASAP

You’re Not Washing Your Bottoms ASAP Don't leave your leggings in the hamper. As soon as you take them off, wash them. Otherwise, the dirt and sweat on them could end up soiling them.


You’re Wearing Your Leggings Too Often between Washes

You’re Wearing Your Leggings Too Often between Washes You don't want to wear your leggings three times before washing them. You should clean them after every use.

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No. Skip the fabric softener. It's breaks down the elasticity in the fabric. Google it.


Leggings are a girls best friend when working out these are great tips to not ruin them

Leggings are definitely comfortable. ;) I love wearing them with a shirt-dress mainly.

Yass their awesome!

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