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Need More Ideas on How to Wear Your Scarf?

By Sheila

Wendy from Wendy's Lookbook has got you covered. Check out her video on 25 ways to wear a scarf, one for each day of the month...well, almost.

1 The Alexander McQueen Silk Skull Scarf

Use a shorter scarf like this one for the modern one loop, the classic drape, the bunny ear (so cute!), the double rainbow, the turtleneck, and the infinity. These are perfect for the warmer months.

2 Louis Vuitton Silk-cashmere Leopard Scarf

Now on to something a little longer. Use a scarf like this one to try the toss, the European loop (which is my go-to), the basic loop, the wrap, the Mira (now that's chic), and the celebrity.

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3 Nordstrom Cashmere Scarves

Let's get warmer, shall we? Use a cashmere scarf to try the waterfall, the boa, the magic trick, the fake knot, the x, and the key tie.

4 Missoni Multi-color Scarf

Let's get chunky with the braid, the twist and pull, the hidden knot, and the men's tie.

5 Thrifted Flower Printed Scarf

And finally, use a delicate, pretty scarf to try the DIY infinity, the decoration, and the shell roll!

Thank you Wendy! Which is your favorite way to wear your scarf?

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