7 Inexpensive Places to Shop Online That Every Fashion Lover Will Love ...


7 Inexpensive Places to Shop Online That Every Fashion Lover Will Love ...
7 Inexpensive Places to Shop Online That Every Fashion Lover Will Love ...

Love to shop but tired of overspending? Well, you're going to love guest contributor Jenae's list of inexpensive places to shop online.

With summer in full swing, your wardrobe may need a little pick me up. Unfortunately between vacations and all the summer fun you’ve got planned, your clothing budget may not be cooperating. No worries! Here are 7 great websites to grab cute, fun and inexpensive finds just in time for hot fun in the sun.

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Thetankstopshop (thetanktopstopshop.com)

Featuring just one different tank or tee, this site sells that design until its all gone, and then lists a new one. You never know what is going to be on the site, tops have ranged from basic must have striped tanks, trendy tops you can wear with a skirt and heels for a night out on the town, to dressy tees that can be paired with slacks for you day gig. The Tank Top Stop Shop also gives away a free top each month, all you have to do is send a picture of yourself in a top you’ve purchased from them to be eligible. The best part is that EVERYTHING they sell is under $15, AND shipping is FREE!


Tobi (tobi.com)

The perfect combination of casual and sexy, tobi.com offers clothes that make you look put together without trying too hard. My personal favorites are the super sexy rompers they sell under the jumpsuit category. Paired with a belt and flats, one could take you from running errands during the day to a classy dinner at night. While not all the items on this site are inexpensive, they do have categories for clothing priced under $100, $50, and $25, allowing everyone to play regardless of their budget.


Deloom (deloom.com)

If you don’t have the funds to stage a mini shopping spree, load up on accessories! These small items can make or break an outfit and create a whole new look without breaking the bank. Deloom.com has clothes and accessories but you should specifically check out the scarves on the site. Most are priced between $12-$16. And scarves are the perfect summer sidekick! Wrap one around your hair and pair with sunglasses for a San Tropez look, wear it as a spicy summer top with white skinny jeans and espadrilles, a swimsuit cover up, or the old fashioned way, draped around your neck.


Victorias Secret (victoriassecret.com)

One of the world’s sexiest and largest lingerie stores is also one of the BEST places to score a deal, and right now is primetime! During this time in the summer, Victoria’s Secret usually sends special sale catalogs to their regular customers with AMAZING deals on their swimsuits. I usually end up with 3 or 4 bikinis this way. Not a regular customer? No need to panic, simply go online or call their customer service department to request one. These «secret» sale catalogs contain swimsuit separates for insanely low prices, as low as $6! Armed with the sku number you can search them via their site to see what’s immediately available for order, but these products aren’t viewable by the casual online shopper. Also Victoria’s Secret regularly runs deals on free shipping and other perks.


Pinkbasis (pinkbasis.com)

No ensemble is complete without the shoes! Pinkbasis.com has many items but what you really want to go here for are the shoes. There is literally something for everyone with options ranging from sparkly six-inch platforms and flat sandals to sneakers and booties. Variety is the spice of life and your wardrobe is no exception. None of these shoes are over $60, but most fall under $30, creating the perfect excuse to grab more than one pair. Shipping is free for orders over $50, even more of an excuse to buy the boots, the sneakers, AND the heels!


Lucielu (lucielu.com)

If you’re a plus size woman looking for cute and classy, you will get addicted to the cute clothes at lucielu.com, an online plus size design boutique. Not only are the clothes insanely affordable ($32.50 for a maxi skirt? YES PLEASE), but the sizes go up to 5x. The clothing manages to be a mix of classic sophistication and sexiness without venturing over in the boring or frumpy territory. Dresses with hi-lo hems and lace details and peekaboo backs make you want one of everything. Also with sale prices as low as $16, there’s no reason why you can’t.


Discountwomensdressshoes (discountwomensdressshoes.com)

The Wal-Mart of discount clothing shopping online, this site has EVERYTHING. If you’re looking for somewhere to start, I am particularly obsessed with the dresses. They provide lots of measurements which is helpful and can give you a better sense of the look and fit for your body. Dividing the clothes into categories such a Vintage Clothes, Yoga Clothes, Sexy Clothes and more makes it is easier to narrow down what you are specifically looking for. They even have a category labeled «Cheap Clothes.» You may not purchase that timeless classic little back dress that will last for next two decades, but I guarantee you’ll find the perfect something for the next two months.

Online shopping is fun and an awesome way to score a great deal, giving your wardrobe a nice pick me up with minimal damage to your wallet. Just make sure the website is safe and secure before entering your card information, and that you check out the company’s return policy. Quite a few online discount shopping places do not allow returns, as these are closeout items. Armed with this new knowledge and seven websites to get you started, go have fun! Where do you like to find a good deal at online? Please share!

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The link for website #1 is incorrect

Wow these sites are just to fall in love with I checked a few out and I can't take my hands off them

Brandalley is very good. fantastic.

Good to know about Victoria's Secret. I've always loved their swimsuits!!

They're still a little pricey !

#1 link doesn't work 😕


This is awesome! I love on-line shopping, and these sites are among the best FYI, if you become a VS Angel, I think this may require opening up a VS charge account :((, you can be notified at least 2 or 3 days ahead of any on-line or in-store sales, and you can also qualify for special deals. I shop VS on-line & with the catalogue, and you can get some great deals

Venus swimwear too!

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