7 Fun Pineapple Print Clothes and Accessories ...


7 Fun Pineapple Print Clothes and Accessories ...
7 Fun Pineapple Print Clothes and Accessories ...

Pineapple print clothes seem to be popping up all over the place lately. And with summer just around the corner, how could you resist such a fun tropical print? From pineapple print tops to socks, it seems that retailers have all your pineapple print needs covered this season. Get into the swing of summer with these fun pineapple print clothes and accessories.

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Pineapple Print Dress

Pineapple Print Dress A pineapple print dress is just one way for you to wear this tropical trend. Pineapple print clothes can be quite cheery and this dress is no exception. Wear it with strappy sandals, oversized sunglasses, and a straw tote for a casual summer look. This pineapple print dress will cost you $50 from Topshop and you can also find similar dresses by Modcloth and Reverse.


Pineapple Print Tank Top

Pineapple Print Tank Top Even high end designers are embracing pineapple prints this season. This quirky top by Moschino Cheap and Chic features an almost Pop Art-inspired pineapple print. It would look great worn with tailored shorts or slim-fitting pants. This top is quite pricey at $250, so it might be wise to wait for the sales or hunt around for bargain buys.


Pineapple Print Romper

Pineapple Print Romper Work a relaxed weekend look in a cool pineapple print romper. This blue romper from Forever 21 features a cute all over pineapple design and will set you back a little over $20. Wear it as is with some tan sandals or pop on a cropped denim jacket and canvas sneakers for a street smart look. You can also find cute pineapple print rompers from River Island.


Pineapple Print Sweater

Pineapple Print Sweater Pineapple prints aren’t just limited to summer clothes. Bring some tropical vibes into your winter wardrobe with a pineapple print sweater. Wear it with jeans and layer it under leather jackets for a contemporary look. This Sophie Hulme sweater is pretty pricey but you can find more affordable pineapple print sweatshirts at ASOS.


Pineapple Print Socks

Pineapple Print Socks These pineapple print socks are super cute. They’d make a fun addition to any outfit. Wear them while you’re lounging around the house or wear them out with your favourite sneakers for a quirky look. At just $6.00 from Topshop, these turquoise printed socks are just too cute to pass up! You can also check out ASOS and Need Supply Co. for more pineapple print socks.


Pineapple Print Bikini

Pineapple Print Bikini Go troppo in some pineapple print swimwear this summer. This Topshop bikini features a cute all over pineapple print and frilly details under the bust. Whether you’re at the beach or by the pool, this bikini would look the goods in either location. Also check out ASOS and Nasty Gal for more pineapple themed swimwear.


Pineapple Print Pants

Pineapple Print Pants Work a more tailored look with some pineapple printed pants. These Marni pants feature a subtle pineapple print and come in a blue and white colourway. They’d look great teamed with a basic blouse and almond-toe heels. Since we all can’t afford designer duds like these pants, check out your usual chain store suspects for more affordable printed trousers.

These pineapple prints will certainly have you going troppo. Pineapple prints are a fun way to liven up your look this season. Are you a fan of the pineapple print? Which of these pineapple printed things make your summer wish list?

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Socks are cute....

I wouldn't wear pineapple. For the pants it doesn't even look like pineapples

No "Hun" (I am no doubt old enough to be your mom, LOL) you need to relax. This is the second comment (that I've seen) you've made. You criticized the girl wearing the white dress in the Summer Trends post as well, with your snide remark, "do something about your weight"! What does all that mean? You, my dear, need to climb down off your pedestal, and realize that you are no better than any girl larger than you. I have 3 daughters 24, 21 and 11. All are thin and gorgeous, 2 have modeled. I taught them better. They would never criticize someone for their size. And you didn't insult me because of my size you insulted me because you were simply rude and pretentious. On a public forum like this maybe you should choose your words a little more carefully. I guess you weren't taught sensitivity. Most large girls would give anything to be smaller. They don't want to look like that. Maybe just think next time before you criticize someone for their size. Because believe me, I'm not the only one you insulted, I'm just the only one that spoke up.

Lol and the way the cloths were cut/styled isn't something I'd actually consider wearing. Unfortunately those type of cloths aren't really suited for an average (small or medium) body type...but they could be ok for a more round-type body...

I concur with the rest... Pineapples? I'm think Mrs Roper from Three's Company... No ma'am!

I take offense to @Ema Cae. Just because my body isn't small (or even medium) you think I should wear a design castoff that you laugh at, dont like the cut/style and you would not consider wearing them!? Shame on you! I actually thought I must have misread it because no one would actually say something like that on here, would they? I read it 3 times and yup you said it. Wow. Unbelievable.

The romper is cute because it's hard to tell what's on it from a distance.. But giant pineapples? Really?

Really?! Apart from the romper suit (sweet with heels) pineapple print should ONLY come with Hawaiian ID!


I don't even eat pineapple, why in the world would people wear it?

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