7 Date Outfits Guys Hate ...

Date Outfits men love and date outfits men hate often aren’t all that different! After all, you know how they say, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. Nevertheless, most men can single out a few things they wouldn’t like us to wear as date outfits and knowing which things to avoid in those initial phases (read: in times when you’re actually dressing up for him) will give you a huge head start. So take a huge sip of water and a deep breath because some of these undesirable date outfits might include some of the things you love the most:

1. Harem Pants

Harem pants are comfy, totally trendy and oh… a piece of female clothing most men simply don’t understand. Yes, ladies, unless you’re about to go out with a man who lives and breathes fashion, you should definitely leave harem pants at home. I’ve actually tested this one by choosing this type of pants for a coffee date with my dear man and his friends – They’ve nicknamed me “Ninja Warrior” which kind of led me to believe they too fall under those 38% of men who think any garment that makes us look like we’re trying hard not to trip on our own butts shouldn’t be banned from our closets… (or at least those racks reserved for date outfits)