7 Date Outfits Guys Hate ...


7 Date Outfits Guys Hate ...
7 Date Outfits Guys Hate ...

Date Outfits men love and date outfits men hate often aren’t all that different! After all, you know how they say, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. Nevertheless, most men can single out a few things they wouldn’t like us to wear as date outfits and knowing which things to avoid in those initial phases (read: in times when you’re actually dressing up for him) will give you a huge head start. So take a huge sip of water and a deep breath because some of these undesirable date outfits might include some of the things you love the most:

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Harem Pants

Harem pants are comfy, totally trendy and oh… a piece of female clothing most men simply don’t understand. Yes, ladies, unless you’re about to go out with a man who lives and breathes fashion, you should definitely leave harem pants at home. I’ve actually tested this one by choosing this type of pants for a coffee date with my dear man and his friends – They’ve nicknamed me “Ninja Warrior” which kind of led me to believe they too fall under those 38% of men who think any garment that makes us look like we’re trying hard not to trip on our own butts shouldn’t be banned from our closets… (or at least those racks reserved for date outfits)



Casual, laid back, “girl next door” style will certainly earn you some major points and, if you want to keep your score high, you’d better make sure it doesn’t include these fluffy (and maybe, but just maybe, too fluffy) boots! Can you believe that 57% of men hate seeing our pretty feet hidden inside UGG boots? I must say I’m pretty shocked although I must admit that seeing photos of celebrities wearing UGGs with just ANYTHING has made me see reasons for such a strong negative reaction.


Overly Dressy or Sexy Outfits

An outfit that is too short, too tight and too revealing will make his heart race but it won’t win you a second date, mostly because he’ll expect to “get it all” on the first one. Now, I’m just guessing here but I bet that’s not what you are going for at all– right? Business-like outfits are also a no-go (unless you’re going on a date with your colleague and the plan is to meet immediately after work) and the same can be said for overly glam dresses and shoes that look uncomfortable. Semi-casual but chic date outfits that will accent your best features while leaving plenty to his imagination work best, ladies, so save all those dressy designer pieces men “read” as “I’m high maintenance” for later.


Shapeless Clothes

Although men won’t think highly of you if you decide to show it all on the first date, they won’t be too impressed if you choose to hide it all either. Dating experts believe dresses and tops that resemble maternity wear don’t make good date outfits regardless of what the fashion experts might suggest as “trendy” or “must” for the season in question. A good belt is, luckily, one of the accessories most men appreciate and notice which actually solves the problem - in order to give your dress or top a more flattering shape he’ll love, simply belt it!


Too Much Makeup and Accessories

Twenty percent of men think wearing makeup is a big plus but sixty-eight percent of them is warning that wearing too much of it could ruin your entire presentation! Now, that certainly is something you’d want to consider the next time you find yourself just one makeup session away from the guy you really like! Men say less is more when it comes to bling as well so, unless you want him to focus on your jewelry rather than you face and your words, keeping it low key is the most honest, well-intended advice.


Jumpsuits and Dungarees

Dungarees, jumpsuits and pretty much all forms of these amazingly practical solutions are probably not the thing your date would choose for you if he had been allowed to pick your outfit. In fact, many magazines, matchmakers and, of course, men agree this is a typical example of women dressing to impress other women. I believe there are some jumpsuits out there than men would find interesting but I’m positively sure none of them would have their 2 most hated pieces of female clothing (shapeless tops and harem pants) combined into one. I do, however, second the ban on dungarees because they simply scream “Kindergarten” and… well… dressing like a toddler just doesn’t say ‘Commitment”.


Furry Things

Date outfits that suggest you’re about to pull out a large wooden bat, slam him on the head and drag him into your cave are a big No-No (remember, that used to be their job, LOL!). That includes fur vests, fur hats and most importantly – huge, fur boots! A.D men prefer their women a little bit more feminine and a lot less…well… Neolithic and although your furry styling definitely won’t go unnoticed it certainly won’t be in a good way.

Well, there it is! As it turns out - half of our perfect date outfits aren’t so perfect after all! Can you believe men hate these date outfits? Oh well, let’s look on the bright side – how much useful info could you even extract from just one research or two? It certainly doesn’t mean ALL men hate these things – does it?

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Another article detailing how to dress for men. Great.

but honestly, what woman dresses to please men?

I'm currently obesessed with this page! I lovee it! <3

I've known for quite a long time that guys totally do NOT like UGG boots; that's why I've never, EVER bought a pair, no matter how tempted I've been.

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