What You Need to Know about Building a Capsule Wardrobe ...

If you have never heard of the term ‘capsule wardrobe’, it is essentially a collection of clothing items that you curate for your own closet, with the main focus being that they are all items that are never going to go out of style. Timeless fashion is an important thing to have an understanding of, and having your capsule wardrobe can help you to always look good, no matter what kinds of temporary trends are in at the moment! Not only do the items in a capsule wardrobe not go out of style, they are picked so they coordinate well with each other, giving you many combinations and outfit ideas from a small number of items. Here is why you should build a capsule wardrobe.

1. Uniform

The pieces that you choose for your capsule wardrobe basically become the closest thing to a uniform that you have in your style. From tops to pants and everything in between, they need to be pieces that you don’t mind wearing again and again in different combinations, and that you don’t mind becoming associated with. Take Steve Jobs and his black turtle necks, for example, that’s a classic capsule wardrobe move!