Off the Cuff DIY Jean Styles for Spring ...

By Leiann

Off the Cuff DIY Jean Styles for Spring ...

Remember the days when we'd cuff our jeans? Those days have returned! In this video, learn **how to cuff your jeans **for spring.

Table of contents:

  1. wide-legged jeans
  2. messy casual
  3. skinny jeans
  4. french cuffs
  5. raw cuff

1 Wide-Legged Jeans

Roll up the bottoms 4 inches. Show off with a pair of stilettos.

2 Messy Casual

Roll up 1 inch. Wear with a cute pair of sneakers.

3 Skinny Jeans

Tiny cuff folded at seams. Fashion forward. Statement heels.

4 French Cuffs

Pinch side, cuff, cuff again. Wear with mules.

5 Raw Cuff

Mark with a ruler 1 or 2 inches above ankle. Use fabric scissors to cut across. Make slashes to fray in clothes washer and dryer. Rock it with a cute shoe.

My favorite is the raw cuff. The style brings to mind when I would make Daisy Dukes out of jeans. Same method, except at the ankle this time.

Bring to life those jeans that have been in your closet and forgotten. My 5 ft 1 in body can wear anything now! How about you?

Have a nice time!

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