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What would you say the worst fashion trends of 2014 were? Bucket hats? Dungarees? We all know that fashion is circular, and this year we saw a lot of '90s inspired clothing, mixed in with some fresher looks. But the worst trend? Well, there were certainly a lot of competitors. Here’s a look back at the worst fashion trends of 2014 – let’s hope these don’t come round again!

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Bucket Hats

Bucket Hats This was undeniably one of the worst fashion trends of 2014, and, well, ever. Not only do they look very strange, regardless of color or pattern or style, but they don’t suit anyone. Not even the amazingly beautiful can pull off a bucket hat without it looking a little weird. Bucket hats definitely shouldn’t have come back into fashion – this shouldn’t be allowed to happen again!


Crop Tops

Crop Tops We’re blaming celebs for this one. Sure, if you’re working out all the time and you’ve got a washboard stomach to die for, you probably want to show it off. Some crop tops can look nice, if worn well. You don’t just need a great body, though, you need a great outfit. And when shops start selling crop hoodies, it’s gone too far. That’s not to mention all of the really unflattering styles… give them a miss.


Cut out Shoulders

Cut out Shoulders This is a baffling trend, really. Typically, you’ll only opt to wear sleeves if it’s pretty chilly out, and you need the coverage. So why would you choose sleeves with a huge hole at the shoulders?! Not only that, but most tops with a cut out shoulder look more like the seams have split than you’re making a fashion statement. I’m not even sure that it’s possible to get this look right.



Timberlands Timberlands seemed to be everywhere this year, in a true '90s revival. Even Beyonce was snapped rocking a pair! That doesn’t mean you should be, though. That iconic tan shoe might be able to protect your toes from falling building debris, but it’s a bit too construction site for everyday life, and they do tend to make your feet look big. Give the builders back their shoes and let's rock kitten heels, Converse and boots instead.



Fluff Fluffy things are everywhere this year. I’m not against fluff, by the way. I have some beautiful knee-high boots which are lined with fluff, and oh-so-comfortable to slip on. Fluff lined sandals are a step too far, though – and don’t get me started on t-shirts complete with fur. Not only does it give you a really strange figure, but it looks like you’re mid transformation into a werewolf. Or a bunny rabbit.



Fringing Unless you’re furiously dancing to Cotton Eye Joe, you’re fringing should probably be subtle and understated. It looks great along hemlines or sleeves, or even decorating bags and accessories, but it shouldn’t cover every visible inch of your clothing. Aggressive fringing makes it look like you got lost in a charity shop for old-time rodeos. Less is more.



Pleather Alright, so this will be the most controversial of the worst fashion trends of 2014. We know that pleather leggings can look hot. If you’ve got the right figure, it’s an unbeatable outfit, and it’s warm, too. Get it slightly wrong, though, and it’s a recipe for disaster. They can also be really uncomfortable, and having seen a friends pleather explode at the seams, unpredictable. Save yourself some dignity and opt for something more flattering, unless you’re Kate Moss.

Every year has its moments, but the worst fashion trends of 2014 are something else. We probably should have learnt the first time! Did you spot any horrid trends during 2014? Have you bought something that makes you recoil in horror when you remember it? Let me know what your worst fashion trends are!

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I think alot of trends last year went back to the 90's Aaliyah style and urban trends of the early 80's ans late 90's i feel like she is dissing urban style in this article

I loooove off shoulder tops. Pair your other fashion items right and you've got a real classy outfit, I'll have you know.


What are u on about...learn ur fashion jkjkjk

Who are you and why does your opinion carry any weight? Different things work on different people, and while you are entitled to your opinions, I personally don't think you should be a fashion dictator, because you really don't know what your talking about.

I liked trends 2,3,7!! This article is just your opinion

Clearly the author of this post has no sense of style

I graduated high school in '97. And I fully agree with this post. The crop tops, I like them if they're paired appropriately. I'd say the gal that wrote this is just classy.

timberlands (especially the heels for women) are beautiful! Croptops are gorgeous. Pleather is pretty when done right. I can agree at some degree that bucket hats aren't all that. This isn't the worst post but you ANYTHING you wear can be a fashion don't. But then again there are no rules in fashion. Do what you want

i think the writer of this post is a fat chick.. cause crop tops are very nice also pleather pants.. i love all of those !

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