11 Best Pencil Skirts ...


A list of the best pencil skirts is not an easy one to put together. There are so many different designs and colors out there that it’s hard to choose the best, but it is possible. If you’ve never owned a pencil skirt before, don’t wait any longer. Just choose one from this list and give it a try. Here are some of the best pencil skirts that you should get your hands on.

1. Theory Golda II Pencil Skirt

Theory Golda II Pencil Skirt

This is a classic high waisted pencil skirt! What screams “best pencil skirts” more than a classic one like this? Theory has brought a classic lined silhouette that will definitely make you look put together and professional, while still keeping a hint of sexy. The double-vented back hem is a simple detail that sticks with the classic lines of the skirt, but keeps it a little more exciting than a plain skirt.

Price: $200 at shopbop.com

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