8 Hottest Fashion Bloggers πŸ’» to Follow for Girls Who Need Serious Style πŸ‘—πŸ‘ πŸ‘’πŸ‘’ Inspo ...


Sometimes we just need a bit of fashion inspiration to make us super motivated when it comes to styling our next outfit, and what better way to do that than follow all the top fashion bloggers?!

Here are just a few amazing bloggers that you need to follow asap! πŸ‘  πŸ’‹ ❀️ ✨

1. Rumi

black, clothing, dress, photography, lady,

Not only has Rumi started her own fashion label called 'Are You Am I' but she travels all over the world wearing amazing clothes in every city you can imagine, all of which is captured by her very talented photographer!2

Follow Rumi as she moves around cities and browse 'Are You Am I' for heaps of inspiration!

2. Lydia

clothing, sleeve, outerwear, coat, overcoat,

Lydia is just one of the bloggers you need to start following asap!

She has heaps of amazing content on her blog such as how to style to 'shirt dress' in a modern way, denim that will flatter your figure and how to wear the classic blazer!

3. Victoria

white, clothing, sleeve, outerwear, spring,

Are you a fan of popular online shopping brands like New Look, ASOS and Topshop or do you prefer more luxury designer brands like Burberry, Dior, Ted Baker, Chanel and Celine?

Either way, Victoria covers it all on her blog with her list of at least 30 different brands to search by as well as many fashion themes to browse for all the inspiration you need!

4. Kalyn

hair, human hair color, face, blond, eyebrow,

Kayln is an amazing blogger who writes about all things fashion such as spring outfit ideas, date night outfit inspiration, what to pack for a trip away!

You can even follow her popular DIY fashion videos and make a few amazing pieces yourself!

5. Freddy

clothing, fur clothing, sleeve, coat, outerwear,

Follow Freddy's blog to see all the latest pieces that she's picked up as well as heaps of her fashion favourites as she models them around the streets of London!

Steal her style by opting for similar bright and light pieces for serious fashion inspiration!

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