Keep Your Summer β˜€οΈ Clothes πŸ‘‘πŸ‘š in Your Fall πŸ‚ Wardrobe with These Genius πŸ’‘ Tips ...


If you live in an area with colder weather, you have a very brief window that you can wear your summer clothes.

I’m in the same boat, and I absolutely hate when that time of the year comes that you have to put away your shorts and wear jeans, or store those tank tops in favor of long-sleeve shirts.

Nothing is fun about putting away clothes that remind you of freedom and warm, summer days!

If you’re just not ready to part with your summer wardrobe yet, follow these tips, ideas, and tricks to make your favorite pieces from your summer wardrobe last well into the fall!

1. Wear Your Kimono with a Pair of Jeans

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Kimonos are a huge trend this summer, but you may not be ready to put yours away just yet!

If you wore it with shorts or a dress this summer, try pairing it with a pair of jeans instead this fall.

It completely changes the look but lets you keep wearing your kimono into the fall!

2. Layer Tank Tops under Jackets

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Tank tops are a necessity in the summer time, but unfortunately they’re often packed away as soon as summer ends.

That shouldn’t be the case though, because you can easily wear tank tops underneath cardigans or jackets during the fall.

It’s the perfect, carefree look for the fall!

3. Throw a Flannel over Your Favorite Summer Dress

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Not ready to store your favorite summer dress away for the summer?

Grab your go-to flannel and throw it over your favorite sundress.

If the weather gets warmer, you can easily tie your flannel around your waist for a grunge look that’s sure to look fun and stylish!

4. Wear Your Shorts with an Oversized Sweater

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Since most people associate shorts with summer and warm weather, you often don’t wear them in the fall.

However, I think one of the cutest fall outfits is an oversized sweater paired with your favorite pair of shorts.2

It will keep you warm but cool during the constantly fluctuating weather!

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