8 Sexy 😘 Alternatives to Jean Shorts πŸ‘— for Fashionistas 😎 This Summer β˜€οΈ ...

Jean shorts are a summer staple for many women, but not everyone loves them or feels comfortable in them, plus you simply can't wear them all the time. Still, you also have to dress comfortably for the weather, and in summer, that usually means that less is best. You don't have to retire your jean shorts by any means, nor should you stop wearing them. Rock those jorts! However, if you're looking for some sexy, stylish bottoms with summer-ready flair, these should do the trick.

1. Round-Skip Ticket Skirt

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You don't have to give up your denim, though. Just … look for an alternative! Instead of exclusively wearing jean shorts, invest in a jean skirt or two. A denim skirt is a fab base for a casual summer ensemble, but the right accessories and statement pieces can elevate it into something glamorous.

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