7 Breezy Summer Outfit Inspos to Avoid Pit Stains ...


7 Breezy Summer Outfit Inspos to Avoid Pit Stains ...
7 Breezy Summer Outfit Inspos to Avoid Pit Stains ...

Newsflash: women sweat. We sweat all year long, but we get especially sweaty in the summer because it is hot. Sweating is nothing to be ashamed of. It does not make you “less feminine,” whatever tf that means, and it doesn't say anything about your hygiene because sometimes deodorant just fails at the one job it's supposed to do. That being said, pit stains suck. One time, in middle school, my pit stains oddly turned by pale blue shirt purple beneath the arms. It was one of those uber short-sleeved '90s tees. I was mortified. Even though it's natural, flashing pit stains can still make you cringe. I got you covered, though. I got this.

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Black Hides All Manner of Sins

clothing, footwear, little black dress, shoulder, fashion model, I wear black all the time, even in summer, and so can you! And no, you don't have to burn up in the process! Black tops with short sleeves show no stains. Ditto black shrugs, wraps, or lightweight cardigans. There are tons of options, is what I'm saying, and you rarely go wrong with black. Just don't wear it to a wedding, basically.


Sleeveless Tops Are the Perfect Solution

human hair color, beauty, fashion model, thigh, leg, I say that, but I'm a hypocrite – I never wear sleeveless tops by themselves. Too self-conscious about the ol' upper arm area. They work well with lightweight layering pieces too, though – or not! Show off your upper arms! I envy you!


Breezy Dresses Give Your Arms Room to Breathe

white, shoulder, sleeve, joint, outerwear, In fact, any breezy, lightweight clothing will serve you well. Go with draped cuts and flowing pieces that billow a little. Think Gone with the Wind fabulous, if you will. I just quoted Kenya Moore, yes. Not sorry, either.


Throw a Print into the Mix

clothing, dress, shoulder, fashion model, gown, That print, though, that's the secret – prints are summery and fun, plus they mask a multitude of pit stains, too. Can't go wrong with that, can you?


Live in a Swimsuit

swimwear, vacation, fun, leg, undergarment, Hey, who says you can't? It's your life. Okay, you can't wear a swimsuit every single day, but they are lots of swimsuit-inspired designs for day-to-day wear these days. Look at the bralette trend if you need an example. Otherwise, yes, spend every possible moment at the beach, the pool, or the backyard sprinkler.


Create Ensembles with a Little Extra Ventilation

pink, dress, lady, fashion model, gown, The breezy dresses work, as do caftans, maxi dresses, and other flowy pieces. You can choose keyhole tops, too, however, or old '80s band tees with deliberate slits, or anything else that lets your skin breathe a little. That helps a whole lot.


Crop Tops Are in, You Know – for Everyone

jeans, shoulder, joint, headgear, abdomen, Don't be afraid to rock a crop top! There's ample proof out there that they're beautiful, flattering, and stylish at any size! It's hot, there's no reason to dress in hot, bulky clothing, especially if you're worried about pit stains at inopportune moments. Wear a crop top with something high-waisted – shorts, capris, a skirt. There are tons of options, and you can likely find something that suits your own personal style.

Seriously, though, don't be ashamed of your sweat. Sweat happens. You can also try shields, plus I've heard of several natural remedies that help. You can also just dress as comfortable as possible. You really don't have to spend the summer in clothing that just makes you sweat more, all in an effort to hide it in the first place. How do you keep your sweat stains at bay?

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Finally!! I am always thinking about what outfits I won't get puts in in our humid weather. Thank you! Especially For just talking about it!!

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