How to Transition into Spring Style ...


Spring is actually here!

It's really here!

It's a little early, even, which means we probably still have some cold snaps to deal with, and that can make transitioning over to your spring wardrobe a bit more difficult.

That's the thing about transitioning, though – you can do it a little at a time.2

Who wants to keep waiting, though?

If you're ready to throw off all your heavy winter woolens and start dressing in cooler, lighter clothes, here's exactly how to transition into spring style – weather permitting, of course.

1. Pull out Your Pastels

Even when you're dealing with April showers or late-season snowfall, pretty pastels can brighten up your life.

In fact, I daresay pastels are especially best when you're dealing with showers or snow.

2. And Your Pretty Florals

Because spring is all about florals!

Even a flowery scarf or handbag will help you spring into spring.

3. Keep Your Layers Light

Layers are convenient and often fashionable.2

You don't have to stop layering just because spring is finally here.

All you have to do is layer lighter items, such as tanks and cardigans.

4. Rock a Few Bold Prints

At the same time, even!

Look how fierce this is.

Celebrate the springtime!

5. Dig Deep for Your Dresses

Pull those pretty spring and summer frocks from the depths of your closet and feel the breeze on your skin again!2

6. Bring out the Cute Shoes

To be honest, this is one of my favorite parts of spring style – all the shoes!2

Flats and sandals and flip-flops, oh my!

7. Go for Brighter Accessories

And let them shine.

It's time to splash out with sassy accessories that celebrate your job.

8. Step out in Even More Floral Prints

It's springtime.

There's no such thing as too much floral.

This is a bold dress, by the way, I kind of love it.

I even love the button-up layered beneath the dress, that is just too cute!

Think Long, Loose, and Floaty
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