The Secrets to Dressing for Your Body Shape ...


The Secrets to Dressing for Your Body Shape ...
The Secrets to Dressing for Your Body Shape ...

Dressing for your body type might seem like a hard task at first, but once you pin down which shape you generally are, it will save you a lot of extra time shopping for clothes in the future!

No matter what body shape you are, it's all about dressing to create an even balance between your top and lower half. Luckily, certain items like faja can help us out hugely by creating the illusion of both fullness and definition! You might ask: what is a faja? A "faja", known as a Colombian "body shaper", transcends mere clothing – it's a confidence-boosting wonder that will help transform any body shape into a more perfect figure.  But let's see what body types there are and how to dress for each one of them in particular:

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Pear / Triangle

Pear shaped girls should opt for tops that are loose, flowy and tend to flair outwards. Since the pear shape typically has a smaller bust, this technique will create the illusion that your top half is fuller than it naturally is! Pair this with bottoms that are quite figure hugging and flattering such as bodycon styles of skirts. Avoid any flair styles like 'skater' skirts as these can make you appear bottom-heavy.


The pear body shape is one of the most common body shapes for women. It is characterized by a smaller bust, wider hips and a defined waist. If you have a pear-shaped body, it is important to dress in a way that accentuates your shape and highlights your assets.

When dressing for a pear-shaped body, it is important to choose tops that are loose and flowy. This will create the illusion of a fuller bust. To further accentuate your figure, opt for bottoms that are figure-hugging and flattering, such as bodycon skirts. Avoid any flair styles such as skater skirts as these can make you appear bottom-heavy.

Another great way to dress for a pear-shaped body is to choose tops that are cropped or have shorter hemlines. This will draw attention to the midsection and away from the hips. Additionally, you can add visual interest to your look by opting for tops with interesting necklines, like off-the-shoulder or cowl-neck tops. These will draw attention away from the hips and focus it on your face.

When it comes to colors, opt for darker colors on the bottom half of your body to create a slimming effect.



Apple shaped girls tend to have a fullness around their middle which is why they should opt for dresses and/or tops with cut-outs along the sides, particularly around the waist area. Another alternative is to look for styles with mesh panels along the sides. Both these techniques will give the illusion that your waist area is more defined and less full!


Rectangle / Ruler

Similar to apple shaped girls, rectangle shapes should also opt for styles with side cut-outs and/or mesh panels for the exact same reason. Rectangular shaped girls generally lack curves and definition to their body, so this simple technique will help achieve this look!



Hourglass shaped girls are pretty evenly balanced between their top and bottom half, so one way you can accentuate this is to wear flattering and figure-hugging styles. Bodycon dresses and skirts are a great way to go as well as tops that fit snugly and more on the tight side! Avoid 'shift' style dresses as these will cause your body to lose natural definition as well as skater skirts and loose, flowy tops - anything that will extend out or away from your body.


Inverted Triangle

Inverted triangle shaped girls want to do the exact opposite of pear shaped girls. So because you generally have a larger bust area and smaller bottom half, you'll want to draw attention to the latter.

Opt for tight, fitted tops such as singlets or crop tops and pair this with a flowy skirt such as skater or A-line style. These will create the illusion of a much fuller bottom half which will balance out your naturally full top half. For dresses, opt for a skater style which will be flattering around your top half and flair out towards the bottom for the perfect balance.



Although not a body shape, 'petite' is a body type that can also be tricky to dress for. I know this first hand so don't worry petite ladies, you haven't been forgotten!

Petite women should look for anything that will elongate their body and make you seem taller. Avoid styles like midi or maxi skirts and dresses as these are typically very long on petite ladies and they tend to be swallowed up in all the material! Instead, opt for mini skirts and mini dresses (anything on the shorter side) which will show off more skin to give the illusion that there's more of you.



For tall girls, you want to find a way to dress that will make you appear slightly shorter than you actually are. A way you can do this is to wear long length styles such as midi and maxi skirts and dresses - the less skin exposed the shorter you will appear. Stay away from super short skirts and dresses as these will accentuate your long legs and therefore draw attention to your height!

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Why would tall girls want to take away height?

I always have a problem dressing for my body, because I have an hourglass shape, but fat deposits in my stomach area. I always have a bulge there no matter how much exercise I do or how little I eat... So this article didn't really help me...

maxi skirts for tall girls are great in theory, but clothing companies don't make them long enough!!!

Being on the shorter scale. I really notice in photos how dresses & shoe style do not look good! Even though I'm now classed as "old" skirts/dresses need to be above the knee and shoes/sandals shouldn't come up my ankle - really makes me look short n dumpy

I'm tall. Six foot. Why would I want to wear clothes that make me appear shorter ? I disagree respectively. I want to show off my legs. Not hide them.

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