THESEare the Best Fashion Tips of ALL TIME ...


THESEare the Best Fashion Tips of ALL TIME ...
THESEare the Best Fashion Tips of ALL TIME ...

Following great fashion tips and advice is a great way to introduce ourselves to new styles, techniques and tricks that we might swear by for the rest of our lives! Keep reading for 15 great tips that could quite possibly change your life 🙈 🙉 🙊 👠 👚👛 ❤️

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Make Sure You Can Walk in Those Heels

cartoon, blond, leg, vehicle, model, It's a jaw-dropping moment when you see a pair of heels or stilettoes that you absolutely adore, and you might just buy them because you feel you must have them, but how well can you actually walk in those babies?

There's no shame in admitting that they're just too high for you to feel comfortable walking in - save your money and buy a less expensive pair that you will get more wear out of!


Keep Your Wardrobe Organised

fashion accessory, room, footwear, closet, jewellery, Not strictly a fashion tip but it is a fashion-related tip, right? Keep your wardrobe organised and take the time to fix it up if it's getting a little bit chaotic and higglety-pigglety for your liking.

Hang up anything that needs to be hung up, tuck away small purses in drawers, hang up handbags with long chains on a hook, fold away smaller things like tops, skirts shorts. That didn't take too long, did it?!


Know Your Best (and Worst) Colour Matches

clothing, plaid, blouse, leather, pattern, One of the best fashion tips ever is to buy and wear clothes in colours that look especially good on you!

Factor in your skin tone, hair colour and eye colour as this will help you hugely to know what colours are favourable for you and which you should avoid.


Stick to One Statement Piece per Outfit

clothing, blond, thigh, leg, bag, An outfit loses its touch when it has too many statement pieces going on - let's face it - it's just too much to look at!

Choose one piece that you want to speak for the entire outfit instead of trying to add in too many bold pieces.


Minimise Your Choice of Accessories

person, sleep, child, infant, nap, Less is definitely more when it comes to accessories! There's no harm in wanting to jazz an outfit up a bit by adding accessories, but be mindful of exactly how many you're chucking on. It's best to keep it to about two different accessories per outfit - just to be on the safe side!


Correlate Your Appearance for Cohesiveness

clothing, dress, cocktail dress, lingerie, photo shoot, So you're wearing that vibrant red dress you love so much? Why not add a bracelet that also has red in it or wear those sexy red heels that would be a perfect match to the dress?

Finding ways to tie in your colour choices for your outfit is a great way to form a sense of cohesiveness and overall flow!


Opt for Versatile Pieces when Shopping

pink, flower, Have you ever been shopping and found an amazing piece that you absolutely love, but know that it's the kind of thing that you will only ever get to wear once to twice (like for a special occasion)? These kinds of purchases are fine as long as they are done sparingly. As an alternative, though, look specifically for pieces that you are 100% sure are totally versatile.

This is one of the best ways to know that you can great use out of it and that it won't go to waste, hanging up in your wardrobe gathering dust as time passes!


Stock up on Your Much-needed Basics

clothing, sitting, human positions, photo shoot, outerwear, Basics are great: they're pretty cheap to buy and we get so much wear out of them! Don't feel guilty if you want to stock up on your basics, okay? Most people will wear basics all the time - if not every single day - so it's one of the best things to stock up on and will definitely be worth the money.

Buy another pair of those comfy track pants, buy another few pairs of those great singlets that you wear around the house when it's super hot! Buy more, more, more!


Alter Your Favourite Pieces if Needed

clothing, leather, blond, tuxedo, costume, It's a sad reality that not everything we buy is going to fit us exactly how we imagined or how we would like - especially if you have an online shopping addiction, like me.

Even though this might be the case with some of your purchases, don't hesitate about getting them tailored and/or altered to fit you properly.

Think about it: you already paid the money for it so why should you let it go to waste by never wearing it because you never got it altered? Do this with the pieces that don't fit you properly but which you know you would definitely start wearing if it did fit you.


Keep Your Boots Standing Tall and Proud

leg, arm, hand, human leg, sculpture, It's all well and good to buy those amazing knee-high, thigh-high or calf-length boots but how are you going to maintain their shape when you're not wearing them? Empty wine bottles, of course!

Stick a few of these in however many of these high pairs of boots you own, to prevent them from flopping over and creasing - this will happen quite quickly to leather boots and can easily ruin their look.


Dress in a Way That Speaks True to Your Personal Style

clothing, portrait photography, girl, flower, dress, There's no point in following all the latest fashion trends if it's not your own personal style, or if you don't feel good in what you're wearing.

Sure, feel free to try out new looks and everything, but at the end of the day make sure that you feel comfortable and confident in what you wear and that it totally speaks 'you'!


Small Handbag over Clutch for Special Events

fashion accessory, jewellery, bag, locket, coin purse, Have a great, formal event coming up that you want to know how to dress for? Even though clutches are often thought of as being super classy, they can be a real pain to carry around all night since you can't really put it down or leave it on a table somewhere (don't let that thing out of your sight if you want to have it when you leave).

Instead, opt for a small handbag that still speaks glamour, class and sophistication. That way you can keep both of your hands free as you sip martinis and shake hands with acquaintances!

Extra tip: opt for a small handbag with a thin strap or chain to maintain a 'lightness' to your outfit.


Invest in a Good Quality Wallet

Magic Kingdom, black, headgear, collar, carnivoran, A good quality wallet can be expensive, I know. But if you think about it, this is the thing that's going to be holding all of your cards (debit, credit, whatever else you use to pay), wads of cash and those niggly little loose coins, and probably also all of your membership cards (gym, library, Starbucks, various shops for desperate moments of retail therapy).

Why risk buying a cheap wallet and potentially losing all of these valuable things when you could spend more for a good quality one that will most likely last you a long time and also keep your valuables safe?

It's no surprise that cheap wallets will be quick to get holes in the sides, which could be a big problem when things start falling out of your wallet left, right and centre while you don't notice and end up wondering where it's all gone.


Opt for Good Quality Pyjamas

clothing, coat, leather, dress, blouse, Many people want to spend majority of their money on nice clothes and things that they can wear out and others will see. Whatever happened to spending money on something we can just feel great in, like good quality pyjamas?

It doesn't really matter if no one is going to see us wearing it - we can still treat ourselves to a nice pair so that we feel great when we're lounging around in bed on a Sunday morning or on a Netflix binge late at night.

Wearing good quality pyjamas not only feel amazing when we're relaxing in our sheets at night, but could also contribute to a good night's sleep!


Have Ready-to-wear Outfits in Your Wardrobe

clothing, hood, bag, handbag, shoulder bag, That LBD you have looks amazing with that crisp, white blazer, so why not pair them together on the same hanger?

Do this with all of your favourite pieces that are a match made in heaven, and that way you can save yourself a lot of time and rummaging around looking for a great outfit when you have next to no time.

Think about it how great it would be to open your wardrobe doors in the morning and lots of ready-to-wear outfits there for you to simply grab and look fab in?! Make this your reality!

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