7 Reasons Not to Worry about Fashion ...


Let me give you a little tip on the reasons not to worry about fashion - it’s not worth your time!

In a society filled with photoshopped, airbrushed models wearing over-priced articles of clothing for the sake of "fashion," worrying about wearing the new fad can do some serious damage to self-esteem!

While some use fashion as a way of expressing themselves, getting there is not always easy for everyone.

Still not convinced?

Don’t fret!

Here’s a list of reasons not to worry about fashion.2

1. Body Image

Number one on the list of reasons not to worry about fashion is what it can do to your body image.

The models on the runway or painted on the covers of magazines and billboards don’t look like the average woman.

Women suffer severe depression and anxiety that cause eating disorders and unhealthy states of mind when looking at models.

It’s hard to separate the clothes from the body, when you think, "If only I looked like her, I could be happy, too." Love your body for the way it is, for you are beautiful too.

2. Fashion Can Be Expensive

Not only do most people not look like runway models, some (like myself) don’t have the means to be buying high fashion clothing.

Have you seen the price of those Jimmy Choo’s or that new Alexander McQueen line?


I’d rather buy from department and discount stores than keep up with the high price of fashion.

3. Fashion Changes

Like the seasons, fashion changes all the time.

If you’re not a fashionista like me, it’s hard to keep up with what’s in and what’s out.

I like going for classic, timeless pieces that never go out of style, than follow the new hottest fashion fad.

Sure, I love certain pieces that come out during the fashion seasons, however, there are too many for me and my wallet to keep up with!

Don’t worry about trying to figure it out.

Fashion Does Not Equal Style
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