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7 Clever Clothing Tricks That Will Give You Curves ...

By Alison

There are plenty of clothing tricks that will give you curves if you weren't blessed with them naturally. We get what we're given, and I'm happy with my straight-up-and-down figure. I've learned what flatters it, but sometimes I want a different look. Here are some clever clothing tricks that will give you curves …

1 Wide Belt

Wide BeltOne of the easiest clothing tricks that will give you curves is to cinch your waist in with a wide belt. It needs to sit on your natural waist, rather than on your hips. Choose one made of elasticated fabric, as this will hug your waist; more rigid fabrics like leather won't cling and give you the shape you want.

2 Full Skirt

Full SkirtWearing a full skirt can also give the illusion of curves - think of '50's dresses and Christian Dior's New Look - especially when matched with the wide belt trick mentioned above. Pair with a fitted top or jacket, so that you don't look like an egg timer! The skirt doesn't have to be as full as a ball gown, but it does need to have some fullness at the hem.

3 Illusion Dress

Illusion DressLook out for illusion dresses like the Stella McCartney dress worn by Kate Winslet for an easy way of suggesting curves. They feature a contrast panel at the side, which is shaped to trick the eye into seeing a smaller waist. There are plenty of cheaper versions like one from Rule 1.

4 Pencil Skirt

Pencil SkirtA clinging pencil skirt also works to give you curves, as it clings to your shape. Choose a skirt made of stretchy material that is tight at the hem, and has a wide band of elastic inside the waist. I have one that makes even my boyish frame look more like a '50's bombshell. It works because it is very fitted around my widest point (the hips) and hugs my waist completely.

5 Layer

LayerWhen you don't have any natural curves, you can use the layering technique to create them (as a bonus, it will keep you warm in cooler weather!). For example, you could pop a bolero over a top or a loose shirt over a strappy vest. Also look for clothes that have extra layers as details, such as a peplum skirt or top.

6 Wide Leg Pants

Wide Leg PantsAs with skirts, adding fullness at the hem can add the illusion of curves when you wear pants. Look for a bootleg cut or wide legs. It's important though that the waist and hips are fitted, so that they appear smaller in comparison. Again, it's about visual tricks - the slanted line moving outwards as it heads down gives the impression of more width.

7 Ruffles

RufflesRuffles are an excellent way of giving the impression of curves around the bust and torso. They work by making it seem that you have more fullness; as a small-busted girl I've found it to be a really effective cheat! Also look for a skirt with ruffled layers around the hips or below.

There's nothing wrong with not having a curvy figure, but sometimes you want to get the look. Fortunately, what nature didn't give you can be created with these clever tricks. It's a question of looking for clothing with the right details and shape. What kind of shape do you have, and how do you dress it?

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