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There are some clothing items every teen should have to help her brave the tumultuous teenage years. They don’t need to be designer brand clothing, or even the latest trends. These clothing items every teen should have in her closet are timeless pieces you’ll grow to love and depend on as you grow up.

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Perfect-fitting Jeans

Perfect-fitting Jeans hm.com
What feels better than sliding into a pair of perfect-fitting jeans? One of the most important clothing items every teen should have is a pair of super comfy jeans, like these slim-fit pants from H&M. They pair well with virtually any top, and have received stellar reviews for comfort and durability. And the fact that they’re only $19.95 doesn’t hurt either...


White Dress

White Dress store.delias.com
White dresses are a staple in my closet, because they’re simple and carefree. Every young girl ought to own an innocent, flirtatious white dress or two. And as summer approaches, it’s the perfect time to buy one! Delia’s carries an adorable lace white dress that will keep you cool and fashionable all summer long!


Sweat Pants

Sweat Pants forever21.com
I wish I could say that I’ve been a fashion success story every single day of my high school career, but the truth is some days I just don’t have it in me to try! We’ve all been there, but the good news is that as a teenager there isn’t too much pressure on you to look flawless 24/7. You can bum it some days with no negative consequences! When those days roll around and you can’t be bothered to dress up, you’ll be happy you own these comfortable yet fashionable Forever 21 sweat pants or similar!


Stylish Winter Coat

Stylish Winter Coat macys.com
Unless you’re like me, living in southern California where even the winters are warm, you should have a winter coat in your closet. But even us Californians can’t resist a stylish winter coat! When your mom or dad yells at you to put on a coat, you won’t need to complain about it ruining your outfit. With an adorable coat like this one from Macy’s, you won’t have to sacrifice fashion for function any more!


Little Black Dress

Little Black Dress modcloth.com
A little black dress is a must for every teen’s closet. You can wear it to nearly any outing imaginable, and even to school if you feel like keeping it classy! Personally, I love this sweet, retro dress from ModCloth. It’s just casual enough for day time, and just dressy enough for night time; it will never fail you!


Maxi Dress

Maxi Dress shop.nordstrom.com
Maxi dresses are really just one legged sweat pants if you think about it, but they’re still stylish, flirty, and communicate a sense of effort you put into your ensemble (even if you just through it on as you ran out of the door!) In spring and summer, maxi dresses will become your best friends! If you don’t already one one or several, a great dress to start with is this spunky dress from Nordstrom!


A maxi dress functions as the ultimate blend of comfort and style, perfect for those days when you want an effortless look that still turns heads. Ideal for occasions ranging from beach outings to casual dinners, its versatility is unmatched. Flowing fabrics and bold prints make it a staple for your wardrobe. And let's not forget, these dresses provide ample opportunity to experiment with accessories – think layered necklaces and wide-brim hats for that boho-chic vibe. So if you're looking to add a touch of feminine elegance with minimal effort, a maxi dress is the way to go.


Tennis Shoes

Tennis Shoes vans.com
Last but certainly not least, tennis shoes. All shoes are equally important in my mind, but tennis shoes are a must-have for teens. They go with almost anything, are comfortable, and eternally fashionable! What more could you look for in a shoe? To me, Vans is the most classic look for tennis shoes, so if you’re looking for the perfect pair of tennis shoes, I suggest something along the lines of these reliable shoes.

It isn’t always easy to decide what you need in your closet as a teen. Money may be difficult to come by, so you need to make sure you only purchase clothes that you’ll wear. These seven clothing items are so versatile that you could comprise your entire wardrobe of them! Which of these clothing items would you like to buy?

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hay this is sexy stuff

skinny jeans and the winter are a must!

@fayth i love vans a lot but i wouldn't consider them tennis-shoes. i like my tennis shoes to have plenty of padding in them. nikes are the best (:

*winter coat

Sorry, a simple pair of black flats :)

high waisted shorts. definitely

whats a good site to get bargains on summer clothes?

@Megan look at Karlie Kloss. Sge is super tall but she wears heels. Anyone can wear heels. They make u look professional and sexy too

i didn't think Vans really counted as tennis shoes, but i suppose they could work. ;)

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